Fruit, above medium size; oval, not marked with a suture on the side. Skin, black when fully ripe, dotted with a few very minute fawn-coloured dots, and covered with a very thin blue bloom. Stalk, half an inch long, stout, and inserted in a depression. Flesh, yellow, tender, very juicy, sweet, and of good flavour, separating from the stone.

An excellent preserving plum; ripe in the beginning of September. In general appearance it is like the Diamond, but smaller, and does not possess the very brisk acidity which characterises that variety. It is a prodigious bearer, the fruit being produced in clusters; and it is invaluable as a market plum. Shoots, smooth.

This was raised by Mr. Mitchelson, a market gardener at Kingston-on-Thames.

Miviam. See Royale Hâtive.

Mogul Rouge. See Bed Magnum Bonum.

Monsieur. See Orleans.

Monsieur a Fruits Jaune. See Yellow Impératrice.

Monsieur Hâtif. See Early Orleans.

Monsieur Hâtif de Montmorency. See Early Orleans.

Monsieur Ordinaire. See Orleans.

Monsieur Tardif. See Suisse.

Monstrueuse de Bavay. See Reine Claude de Bavay.

De Montfort

Fruit, medium sized; roundish, inclining to obovate, with a well-marked suture on one side. Skin, dark purple, covered with a thin pale blue bloom. Stalk, half an inch long, not deeply inserted. Flesh, greenish yellow, tender and melting, with a thick syrupy and honied juice, and when it hangs till it shrivels is quite a sweetmeat; separates from the stone, which is small.

A delicious dessert plum; ripe in the middle of August. Shoots, smooth.

It bears considerable resemblance to Royal Hâtive, but is larger, and appears to be an improved form of that variety.

Morocco (Black Damask; Black Morocco; Early Damask; Early Morocco)

Fruit, medium sized; roundish, flattened at the apex, and marked on one side with a shallow suture. Skin, very dark purple, almost black, and covered with thin pale blue bloom. Stalk, stout, about half an inch long. Flesh, greenish yellow, juicy, with a sweet, brisk flavour, and slightly adhering to the stone.

An excellent early plum; ripe in the beginning of August. The tree is a free grower and hardy, and an excellent bearer. Shoots, downy.

This is a very old plum, being mentioned by Parkinson, Rea, and Meager, but not by Switzer, Miller, or Hitt.

Myrobalan. See Cherry.

Nectarine (Howell's Large; Jenkins's Imperial; Peach; Prune Peche)

Fruit, large; roundish, and handsomely formed. Skin, purple, covered with fine azure bloom. Stalk, half an inch long, stout, inserted in a wide and shallow cavity. Flesh, dull greenish yellow, with a sweet and brisk flavour, separating from the stone.

A good plum for preserving and other culinary purposes; ripe in the middle of August. Tree, very vigorous and hardy; an abundant and regular bearer. Young shoots, smooth. This is quite distinct from the Goliath, which is sometimes called by the same name, and the shoots of which are downy.