Angelina Burdett

Fruit, above medium size; round, and marked with a suture, which is deepest towards the stalk. Skin, thick, dark purple, thickly covered with brown dots and blue bloom. Stalk, about an inch long. Flesh, yellowish, juicy, rich, and highly flavoured, separating from the stone.

An excellent dessert plum; ripe in the beginning of September, and, if allowed to hang till it shrivels, it becomes a perfect sweetmeat. The tree is a good bearer, and hardy. Shoots, smooth.

Anglaise Noire. See Orleans.

Apricot (Abricotée Blanche; Abricotée de Tours; Old Apricot; Yellow Apricot)

Fruit, large, at least more so than the Green Gage, to which it is similar in shape, being roundish and slightly elongated, with a deep suture on one side of it. Skin, yellowish, with a tinge of red next the sun, strewed with red dots, and covered with a white bloom. Stalk, very short, about half an inch long. Flesh, yellow, melting, and juicy, with a rich, pleasant flavour, and separating freely from the stone.

An excellent dessert plum, requiring a wall to have it in perfection, and when well ripened little inferior to the Green Gage; ripe in the middle of September. The young shoots are covered with a whitish down, and the tree is an excellent bearer.

The Apricot Plum of the Horticultural Society's Catalogue is a very different and inferior variety to this. It is the Prune d'Abricot of Bretonnerie. Abricot Ordinaire of Knoop resembles this in colour, but is longer in shape, the flesh dry and doughy, is a clingstone, and the young shoots are smooth.

Archduke (Late Diamond)

This is an oval purple plum, smaller than Diamond, which ripens in the second week of October. It was raised by Mr. Rivers.

Askew's Golden Egg. See White Magnum Bonum.

Askew's Purple Egg. See Red Magnum Bonum.

Aunt Ann (Guthrie's Aunt Ann)

This is a large, round plum, of a greenish yellow colour. The flesh of a rich, juicy flavour, and separates freely from the stone.

It ripens in the middle of September. The tree is very hardy and productive. Shoots, smooth.

Autumn Beauty. See Belle de Septembre.

Autumn CompÔTE

Fruit, large, oval, marked with a shallow suture. Skin, bright red. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, inserted in a close, narrow cavity. Flesh, tender, juicy, and well-flavoured.

A valuable culinary plum, which makes a fine preserve; ripe in the end of September. When preserved the pulp is of an amber colour, flavour rich, and possessing more acidity than the Green Gage does when preserved. Shoots, smooth.

It was raised by Mr. Rivers, of Sawbridgeworth, from Cooper's Large.

Autumn Gage. See Roe's Autumn.

Avant Prune Blanche. See White Primordian.

D'Avoine. See White Primordian.

Azure Hâtive. See Early Blue.

Battle Monument. See Blue Perdrigon.

Becker's Scarlet. See Lombard.

Beekman's Scarlet. See Lombard.