Rivers's Early Apricot (Early Transparent Gage)

Fruit, above medium size, an inch and three-quarters wide and over an inch high; roundish and oblate, marked with a very shallow suture. Skin, yellowish green when quite ripe, mottled with crimson on the side next the sun. Stalk, about half an inch long, slender. Flesh, greenish yellow, firm, very juicy, and richly flavoured, separating freely from the stone, which is small and round.

This delicious plum is equal in flavour to the Green Gage, and is as large as the Transparent Gage, from which it was raised by Mr. Rivers, of Sawbridgeworth. It ripens in the beginning of August. The tree is hardy, and an excellent bearer. Young shoots, downy.

Robe de Sargent. See D'Agen. Roche Corbon. See Diaprée Rouge.

Roe's Autumn (Autumn Gage; Roe's Autumn Gage)

Fruit, medium sized; oval, marked with a shallow suture, which extends to half the length of the fruit. Skin, pale yellow, covered with thin whitish bloom. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, not depressed. Flesh, greenish yellow, juicy and sweet, with a rich and excellent flavour, separating from the stone.

An excellent dessert plum; ripe in the middle of October. The tree is an excellent bearer. Shoots, smooth.

Roe's Autumn Gage. See Roe's Autumn. Rotherham. See Winesour. Round Damson. See Damson. Royal Bullace. See Bullace.

Royal Dauphine

Fruit, large; oval. Skin, pale red on the shaded side, marked with green specks, but darker red next the sun, mottled with darker and lighter shades, and covered with violet bloom. Stalk, an inch long, stout. Flesh, greenish yellow, sweet, and subacid, separating from the stone.

A culinary plum; ripe in the beginning of September. Shoots, smooth.

Royal. See Royale. Royal Red. See Royale.

Royale (Royal; Royal Red; Sir Charles Worsley's)

Fruit, rather above medium size; round, narrowing towards the stalk, and marked on one side with a well-defined suture, which is deepest at the apex. Skin, fine light purple, strewed with a few fawn-coloured dots, and covered with a thick pale blue bloom. Stalk, about an inch long, stout and downy, and inserted in a small cavity. Flesh, yellowish, firm, juicy, melting, with a rich juicy and delicious flavour, separating from the stone.

A dessert plum of the finest quality; ripe in the middle of August. Young shoots, downy. Tree, a strong and vigorous grower; a good, but not an abundant bearer. It requires a south-east or west wall to have the fruit in perfection, and when well ripened will shrivel and dry on the tree.

Royale HÂTive (Early Royal; Miviam)

Fruit, medium sized; roundish, narrowing towards the apex. Skin, light purple, strewed with fawn-coloured dots, and covered with blue bloom. Stalk, half an inch long, stout, and inserted without depression. Flesh, yellow, juicy, and melting, with an exceedingly rich and delicious flavour, and separating from the stone.

A first-rate dessert plum; ripe in the end of July and beginning of August. Shoots, downy.