Yellow Damask (Damas Jaune)

Fruit, below medium size; nearly round. Skin, yellow, with a tine white bloom. Flesh, very juicy and rich, separating from the stone.

A delicious little plum; ripe in the beginning of October. Shoots, smooth.

Yellow Gage (Gonne's Green Gage; Little Queen Claude; Heine Claude Petite; Petit Damas Vert; White Gage)

Fruit, below medium size; round, and marked with a shallow suture. Skin, greenish yellow, thickly covered with white bloom. Stalk, half an inch long, inserted in a pretty deep cavity. Flesh, yellowish white, firm, rather coarse-grained, but sweet and pleasantly flavoured, separating from the stone.

A dessert plum of second-rate quality; ripe in the beginning and middle of September. Shoots, smooth.

Yellow ImpÉRatrice (Altesse Blanche; Monsieur à Fruits Jaune; Virginale Blanche)

Fruit, large; roundish oval, marked with a suture, which is deep at the apex, and becomes shallow towards the stalk. Skin, deep golden yellow, with a few streaks of red about the stalk, which is half an inch long. Flesh, yellow, juicy, and melting, sugary, and richly flavoured, and adhering to the stone.

An excellent dessert plum; ripe in the middle of August. Shoots, smooth.

Yellow Jerusalem (Jerusalem Jaune; Jahn's Gelbe Jerusa-lems-pflaume)

Fruit, an inch and three-quarters in diameter; roundish oval, with a faint suture. Skin, golden or deep yellow, speckled with crimson on the side next the sun. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, slender, deeply inserted. Flesh, yellow, with white veins, tender, juicy, sweet, brisk, and highly flavoured, adhering to the stone.

An excellent dessert plum; ripening in the beginning of September.

Yellow Magnum Bonum. See White Magnum Bonum.

Yellow Perdrigon. See Drap d'Or. Zwetsche. See Quetsche.