Cooper's Large (Coopers Large American; Cooper's Large Bed; La Delicieuse; Lady Lucy)

Fruit, above medium size; oval, considerably enlarged on one side of the suture, which is broad and shallow. Skin, pale yellow on the shaded side, and dark purple on the side next the sun, covered with numerous brown dots. Stalk, an inch long, inserted in a small cavity. Flesh, yellowish green, juicy, with a rich and delicious flavour, and separating from the stone.

A very valuable dessert plum; ripe the end of September and beginning of October. The young shoots are smooth, the tree vigorous, a most abundant bearer, and succeeds well either as a standard or against a south-east wall.

This variety is of American origin, being raised by a Mr. Joseph Cooper, of New Jersey, from a stone of the Orleans. It was introduced to this country some years ago, and distributed under the name of La Delicieuse, under which name it was brought to this country from Jersey. The synonyme "Lady Lucy" is a corruption of La Delicieuse which originated in the Kentish orchards.

Corse's Admiral

Fruit, large, the size of White Magnum Bonum; oval, considerably swollen on one side of the suture, which is deep and well defined. Skin, light purple, dotted with yellow dots, and covered with pale lilac bloom. Stalk, an inch long, downy, and inserted in a small cavity. Flesh, greenish yellow, brisk and juicy, with a pleasant flavour, and adhering closely to the stone.

A plum of good quality, either for the dessert or preserving; ripe the end of September. The young shoots are downy, and the tree is very productive.

It was raised by Henry Corse, Esq., of Montreal, Canada.

Corse's Nota Bene

Fruit, large, round. Skin, brownish purple, with sometimes a greenish tinge on the shaded side, and thickly covered with pale blue bloom. Stalk, half an inch long, inserted in a small round cavity. Flesh, greenish, firm and juicy, with a rich, sugary flavour, separating from the stone.

An excellent dessert plum; ripe the middle of September. The young shoots are smooth. The tree is a free grower and an abundant bearer.

This is also a Canadian variety raised by Mr. Corse, of Montreal.

Count Althann's Gage (Heine Claude d'Althann; Reine Claude de Comte Hathem; Reine Claude Comte Althan; Reine Claude Althans)

Fruit, the size and shape of the old Green Gage, or a little larger; inclining to oblate, being compressed at the base and the crown; marked with a broad shallow suture. Skin, bright reddish purple, covered with fine blue bloom and strewed with yellow dots. Stalk, over half an inch long, inserted in a pretty wide and deep cavity. Flesh, rich yellow, separating freely from the stone, juicy, sweet, and with a fine vinous flavour.

A very fine form of the Green Gage, which ripens in the middle of September. Shoots, smooth.

This is a Bohemian plum, raised from seed by Herr Prochasta, gardener to Count Michael Joseph Althann, of Swoyschitz, in Bohemia.

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