Black Cap (American Black)

This is the Rubus occidentalis, called Black Raspberry, or Thimbleberry, by the Americans. The fruit has a fine, brisk, acid flavour, and is much used in America for pies and puddings.

It ripens later than the other summer-bearing varieties.

Brinckle's Orange (Orange)

A variety introduced from America, where it is considered the finest yellow sort in cultivation. In this country it is smaller than the Yellow Antwerp, and more acid. The plants throw up an abundance of suckers. It is a summer variety.

Burley. See Red Antwerp.

Carter's Prolific

Fruit, large and round, of a deep red colour, with a firm flesh of excellent flavour. A summer-bearing variety of great excellence, exceedingly prolific, and very much cultivated in the Kentish orchards. Raised by Mr. Carter, nurseryman, at Keighley, in Yorkshire.

De Chili. See Yellow Antwerp. Cornwell's Prolific. See Barnet. Corn well's Seedling. See Barnet.

Cornwell's Victoria

The fruit of this variety is large and of fine flavour, but its drupes adhere so loosely to the core as to crumble off in gathering. A summer bearer.


Fruit, large; roundish, inclining to conical, of a bright crimson colour, and with a briskly acid flavour. A summer bearer.

Cutbush's Prince of Wales. See Prince of Wales.

Double-bearing Yellow. See Yellow Antwerp.

Fastolf (Filby)

Fruit, large; roundish conical, bright purplish red, and of excellent flavour. A summer bearer.

Filby. See Fastolf.


Fruit, large; obtuse conical, of a dark purplish red colour and good flavour, briskly acid. A summer bearer.

French. See Vice-President French. Howland's Red Antwerp. See Bed Antwerp.

Knevett's Antwerp. See Red Antwerp.

Knevett's Giant

Fruit, large; obtuse conical, deep red, and of good flavour. A summer bearer.

Large Monthly (Large-fruited Monthly; Rivers's Monthly : De Tous le Mots Gros Fruits Rouges)

This is a most abundant-bearing autumnal variety, producing fruit above the medium size; roundish conical, of a crimson colour, and of excellent flavour.

McLaren's Prolific

Fruit, large; roundish, inclining to conical, of a very deep crimson colour, very fleshy and juicy, with a brisk and pleasant flavour.

A double-bearing variety, of robust growth, and producing enormous second crops on the young shoots of the same season.

Large Red. See Barnet.

Late-bearing Antwerp. See Red Antwerp,

Lawton. See New Rochelle.

Lord Beaconsfield

The fruit is large, highly coloured, and of excellent flavour, and the plant is an abundant bearer.

Lord Exmouth's. See Barnet.

Magnum Bonum

A yellow summer-bearing variety, inferior in size and flavour to Yellow Antwerp. The fruit is of a pale yellow colour, with firm flesh. The plant, like Brinckle's Orange and Belle de Fontenay, becomes a perfect weed from the profusion of suckers it throws up.

Merveille de Quatre Saisons Jaune. See October Yellow. Merveille de Quatre Saisons Rouge. See October Red.