New Rochelle (Lawton; Seacor's Mammoth)

An American autumn-bearing variety, having the rambling habit of growth of the common Bramble. It produces fruit in great abundance, of a large oval shape and a deep black colour, very juicy, and agreeably flavoured.

This has not been sufficiently proved in this country to admit of a correct estimate being formed of its merits.

Northumberland Fillbasket

Fruit, rather large; roundish, inclining to conical, of a deep red colour and good flavour. The plant is a strong, vigorous grower, and an abundant summer bearer.

October Red (Merveille de Quatre Saisons Rouge)

-The fruit of this variety produced from the old canes left in spring is small and inferior; but the suckers put forth in June furnish an abundant crop of large-sized bright red fruit, which commences to ripen in September and continues far into November, if the autumn be dry and mild.

October Yellow (Merveille de Quatre Saisons Jaune)

Hhis possesses the same qualities as the preceding, and is distinguished from it by the fruit being yellow. It is not quite so large as the Yellow Antwerp, and in a fine season is sweet and agreeable.

Ohio Everbearing

This is an American variety, similar in all respects to a Black Cap, with this exception, that it is an autumnal-bearing variety, and produces abundant crops of fruit late in the season.

Orange. See Brinckle's Orange.

Prince Of Wales (Cutbush's Prince of Wales)

Fruit, large; roundish, inclining to conical, of a deep crimson colour, and with a brisk, agreeable flavour. This is a summer-bearing variety, remarkable for its strong pale-coloured canes, which in rich soils grow from ten to twelve feet in one season. It does not sucker too much, and is very desirable on that account.

Red Antwerp (Burley; A Gros Fruits Rouges; Rowland's Red Antwerp; Knevetfs Antwerp; Late-bearing Antwerp)

Fruit, large; roundish, inclining to conical, of a deep crimson colour, very fleshy, and with a brisk flavour and fine bouquet. There are several forms of this variety, differing more or less from each other both in the fruit and the canes. The true old Red Antwerp produces vigorous canes, which are almost smooth.

Rivers's Monthly. See Large Monthly.

Rogers's Victoria (Victoria)

This is an autumnal-bearing variety, producing rather large dark red fruit of excellent flavour, and earlier than the October Red. The plant is of a dwarf and rather delicate habit, and the canes are dark-coloured.

Round Antwerp (D'Anvers Fruits Ronds)

Fmit, large and round, of a deep red colour, and much superior in flavour to the old Red Antwerp.

Seacor's Mammoth. See New Rochelle.

Sweet Yellow Antwerp

The fruit of this variety is larger and more orange than the Yellow Antwerp, and is the richest and sweetest of all the varieties. The canes are remarkably slender, and with few spines.

Vice-President French (French)

Fruit, large; roundish, inclining to conical, of a deep red colour, fleshy and juicy, and with an excellent flavour. It is a summer bearer, producing very strong canes of a bright brown colour.

Victoria. See Rogers's Victoria.

Walker's Dulcis

A summer-bearing variety, producing red fruit inferior in size to the Antwerp, and not sweet, as the name implies.

White Antwerp. See Yellow Antwerp.

Yellow Antwerp (De Chili; Double-bearing Yellow; White Antwerp)

Fruit, large; conical, of a pale yellow colour, and with a fine, mild, sweet flavour. It produces pale-coloured spiny canes.

List Of Select Raspberries

Those marked * are the best for small gardens.

*Carter's Prolific *Fastolf *McLaren's Prolific

October Red October Yellow *Prince of Wales

*Round Antwerp *Sweet Yellow Antwerp