Ne Plus Ultra

Fruit, large; cylindrical or oblong, frequently fingered. Skin, very dark red. Flesh, remarkably firm and solid, with a rich pleasant flavour.

This is a singular variety, many of the fruit being so divided at the apex as to appear like fingers.

Newton Seedling

Fruit, medium sized; conical. Skin, dark red. Flesh, very firm, with a sharp subacid flavour.

The plant is very prolific and hardy, the fruit is admirably adapted for preserving, and. from being of very firm texture, bears carriage remarkably well.

It was raised in 1864 by Rev. T. W. Chaloner, Rector of Newton Kyme, Yorkshire; hence its name.


Fruit, large; ovate, with a short neck. Skin, deep scarlet. Seeds, moderately imbedded. Flesh, firm, briskly flavoured, and rich.

A first-rate variety, which forces well, and produces richly flavoured fruit. In many collections Eleanor is the variety grown under the name of Nimrod.

Old Pine (Black Pine; Carolina; Scarlet Pine)

Fruit, medium sized; ovate, even and regular, and with a glossy neck. Seeds, prominent. Skin, deep red. Flesh, pale red, very firm and solid, with a fine, sprightly, and very rich pine flavour.

After all there are very few that equal, far less surpass, the Old Pine in flavour, but it is not a good bearer. It succeeds better under the shade of trees than any other variety.

Omar Pasha. See Myatt's Eliza.


Fruit, large; ovate, and angular, sometimes flattened and wedge-shaped. Seeds, rather large, and deeply imbedded, which give the surface a coarse appearance. Skin, dark shining red, becoming almost black when fully ripe. Flesh, red throughout, very firm and solid, juicy, and richly flavoured.

An excellent variety for a general crop. A most abundant bearer, and, from its firmness, bears carriage well.


Fruit, large; oblong, and corrugated with a long glossy neck like the Old Pine. Seeds, small, thickly strewed over the surface. Skin, deep red. Flesh, very solid, stained with red for some depth under the surface; brisk, with the high rich flavour of the Old Pine.

A very early strawberry; a good grower and a prolific bearer. It was raised by Dr. Morère.


Fruit, very large; round, sometimes flattened, of a light red colour. Seeds, small, widely spread. Flesh, salmon-coloured, juicy, sweet, slightly acidulous, of a good strong aroma. Plant, dwarf, hardy, with few leaves and hairy leaflets. Very prolific.

This was raised by Dr. Nicaise.


Fruit, large, or very large; lobed or conical, pretty regular. Skin, dark red. Seeds, regularly disposed, prominent, of a lively red, contrasting with the colour of the fruit. Flesh, dark red, juicy, sweet, of good flavour. Plant, strong and hardy, resembling Marguerite in the disposition of the foliage and in the form of the fruit. It is very prolific.