Fruit, medium sized; obovate or conical, sometimes wedge-shaped. Seeds, rather prominent. Skin, very dark red. Flesh, bright red, firm, of a fine rich and brisk flavour.

An early variety; raised by Mr. T. Laxton. It is as early as La Marguerite, and an abundant cropper.

Premier [British Queen Seedling)

Fruit, large; roundish, or roundish ovate, and corrugated. Skin, bright red, and shining as if varnished. Seeds, prominent. Flesh, white, firm, juicy, and richly flavoured.

An excellent variety, which forces well and bears abundantly.


Fruit, large or very large; roundish ovate, frequently cockscombed, and with an even surface. Seeds, small, slightly imbedded. Skin, deep glossy red. Flesh, very firm, bright red, and of rich and excellent flavour.

This is one of the best and most esteemed varieties for a general crop, and ripens about the middle of the strawberry season. The plant is a strong and robust grower, and the fruit is produced in great abundance on strong scapes well thrown above the foliage. It is also one of the best for forcing.

It was raised by a small gardener named Green, at High Cross, near Ware, and was first exhibited by Mr. Hill, gardener to Robert Hanbury, Esq., of Poles Park.

Prince Imperial

Fruit, about medium size; conical or ovate. Skin, bright shining red. Seeds, very prominent. Flesh, very juicy, sweet, and perfumed.

Princess Alice Maud (Alice Maud)

Fruit, medium sized; ovate or conical, and frequently large and kidney-shaped. Seeds, prominent, or very slightly imbedded. Skin, scarlet, becoming dark crimson when ripe. Flesh, scarlet throughout, tender, juicy, sweet, and with a rich, brisk flavour.

It is an excellent bearer; when forced the flavour is inferior.

Princess Frederick William

Fruit, large; roundish, and corrugated. Skin, pale red. Seeds, not numerous, and imbedded. Flesh, with a rosy tint, sweet, and of good flavour.

The plant is a great bearer, throws the trusses of fruit well up, and is very early. It forces well, and the fruit when ripe yields a strong perfume, a few plants with ripe fruit on them scenting a large house. On this account it is much prized by some.

Princess Of Wales (Knight's)

Fruit, large; cockscomb-shaped, and corrugated. Skin, bright red, and well coloured throughout. Seeds, deeply imbedded. Flesh, solid, tinged with red, very tender and juicy, and with a rich pine flavour.

A very excellent and very early strawberry, being almost as early as May Queen, and infinitely superior to it both in size and flavour.

Princess Royal Of England (Cuthill's Princess Royal)

Fruit, medium sized; roundish ovate or conical, with a neck. Seeds, deeply imbedded. Skin, deep scarlet where exposed to the sun, and paler in the shade. Flesh, pale red at the surface, whitish towards the core, very rich and highly flavoured.

An abundant bearer, and an excellent variety for general cultivation.