Prolific Hautbois (Belle Bordelaise)

Fruit, below medium size; conical. Seeds, prominent. Skin, light purple in the shade, and blackish purple on the side next the sun. Flesh, firm, sweet, and with the rich, peculiar flavour of the Hautbois.

Prolific Pine. See Roseberry. Reeves's Eclipse. See Eclipse.

Richard The Second

Fruit, medium sized; round, of a dark red colour, almost black when highly ripened. Flesh, pale scarlet, firm, but hollow round the core.

An excellent strawberry, which forces well. It is an improved variety of Black Prince, to which it is similar in form and colour, but of larger size.


Fruit, large or very large; ovate or cockscomb-shaped, and corrugated. Skin, bright salmon-coloured. Seeds, prominent. Flesh, solid, white, firm, juicy, richly flavoured.

The plant is of vigorous habit of growth, and is an abundant bearer.

Rival Queen. See Myatt's Eliza.

Rivers's Eliza (Seedling Eliza)

This is a seedling from Myatt's Eliza, but rather more ovate in shape, and possessing all the character and flavour of that excellent variety, and is a more abundant bearer.

Roseberry (Aberdeen Seedling; Prolific Pine)

Fruit, large; conical and pointed. Seeds, deeply imbedded, with prominent ridges between them. Skin, dark red, becoming blackish as it ripens. Flesh, pale scarlet, firm, with an agreeable flavour.


Fruit, large; ovate, and cockscomb-shaped, with a shining neck. Skin, fine bright red. Flesh, richly flavoured.

The plant is an excellent bearer, and the leaves have often four to five leaflets. It forces well, and retains its richness of flavour.

Royal Hatttbois

Fruit, much larger than any other variety of Hautbois; of a purplish rose colour, and very richly flavoured.

The plant is unusually fertile for a Hautbois, and is, indeed, the only one of the race worth cultivating.

Royal Pine. See Swainstone's Seedling.


Fruit, of medium size; ovate, with a well-defined neck; the colour bright shining red. Flesh, pale red, solid, rich, and very pleasant. Habit, robust.

Raised by Mr. Trotman, of Isleworth, from a cross between Black Prince and British Q.ueen.


Fruit, large; roundish, dark red. Flesh, pale red, soft and woolly, with a large core and inferior flavour.

Scarlet Pine. Bee Old Pine.

Scarlet Pine

Fruit, about medium size; conical. Seeds, numerous and prominent. Skin, deep scarlet. Flesh, pinky white, solid, and juicy, with an exquisite brisk flavour.

Raised by Dr. Roden. It bears carriage well to a distance, and stands wet weather better than varieties usually do.

Seedling Eliza. See Rivers's Eliza.

Sir Charles Napier

Fruit, very large; ovate, flattened, and wedge-shaped. Seeds, not deeply imbedded. Skin, shining, of a fine bright, pale scarlet colour. Flesh, white, firm, and solid, briskly acid, and not highly flavoured.

This is a fine handsome strawberry, well adapted for forcing, and for early market purposes. It is the most extensively grown of any by the London market gardeners. The plant is remarkably tender, perhaps more so than any other variety.