Sir Harry

Fruit, very large; roundish, irregular, frequently cockscomb-shaped. Seeds, large, and deeply imbedded. Skin, dark crimson, becoming almost black when fully ripe. Flesh, dark red, not very firm, but tender, very juicy, and richly flavoured.

This variety has been much confounded with Keens's Seedling. The habit of the plant is the same, and the fruit is larger and coarser. It is much cultivated for market purposes.

Sir John Falstaff

Fruit, mostly very large and handsome; frequently conical, and, when very large, slightly flattened in shape, but never cockscombed. Colour, bright red, with a tinge of vermilion. Seeds, thickly dispersed and slightly depressed. Flesh, white, solid, and juicy, with a fine vinous flavour. Calyx, small for so large a fruit, and seldom reflexed.

On account of its beauty and immense cropping qualities this will be a splendid sort for exhibition and market purposes. It was raised by Dr. Roden.

Sir Joseph Paxton

Fruit, large; roundish, even and regular in its outline. Skin, bright shining crimson. Seeds, prominent. Flesh, salmon-coloured, firm, rich, and highly flavoured.

A first-rate early fruit. The plant is hardy, very fertile, and forces well. This is one of the largest and is probably the handsomest strawberry in cultivation.

Sir Walter Scott

Fruit, medium sized; conical, and pointed. Seeds, prominent. Skin, deep red. Flesh, pale, firm, and inferior in flavour.

This is in every respect a coarse and inferior variety.

Souvenir De Kieff

Fruit, large; sometimes very large, varying from roundish ovate to long conical, and, in some instances, it is irregular and corrugated. Seeds, large, and even with the surface. Skin, of an uniform shining red. Flesh, white, firm, and solid, juicy, richly flavoured, and with a rich pine-apple aroma.

This is a seedling of M. de Jonghe, and belongs to the same hardy race as La Constante, but it is a more robust grower than that variety, and is remarkably fertile.

Stirling Castle Pine

Fruit, large; ovate or conical, pointed, even and regular in shape. Seeds, small, not deeply imbedded. Skin, bright scarlet, becoming dark red as it ripens. Flesh, pale scarlet, brisk, and of excellent flavour.

Sultan. See The Sultan.

Surprise (Myatt's Surprise)

Fruit, very large; conical or cockscomb-shaped. Seeds, prominent. Skin, bright rose. Flesh, white, tender, and not richly flavoured.

A large and showy variety, but possessing little or no merit.

Swainstone's Seedling (RoyalPine)

Fruit, above medium size; ovate, even and regular in its shape. Seeds, small, and rather deeply imbedded. Skin, pale red. Flesh, pale, rather hollow at the core, and with a fine rich flavour.

This is a good variety for forcing; and the plant is a prolific bearer.

The Captain

Fruit, large; ovate, even on the surface and regular in its outline; sometimes it is inclined to be of cockscomb-shape. Seeds, level with the surface. Skin, glossy, bright red. Flesh, tinged with red throughout, hollow at the core, firm, and with a brisk flavour, like Sir Charles Napier.

Raised by Mr. Laxton, from Crown Prince crossed with Forman's Excelsior. It is a little later than the latter, and has a tendency to produce a second crop in the autumn.