The Countess

Fruit, somewhat irregular in shape. Skin, of a beautiful glossy crimson, becoming darker when very ripe. Seeds, numerous, prominent.

A finely flavoured fruit, raised by Dr. Roden. Plant, healthy, a good grower. Foliage, bright glossy green, erect and compact.

The Sultan

Fruit, large and very large; roundish, and obo-vate. Colour, dark crimson. Flesh, dark red throughout, firm, and juicy. An excellent preserving sort; rather late. A seedling of Dr. Roden's.


Fruit, medium sized; conical, and occasionally slightly cockscombed. Skin, very dark red. Seeds, large and prominent. Flesh, very firm and solid, with a brisk rich flavour, somewhat resembling the Hautbois. A rich and excellent strawberry.

Raised by Mr. Laxton, of Stamford, between La Constante and Sir C.Napier.

Trollope's Victoria

Fruit, very large; roundish ovate, even and regular in its outline. Skin, light crimson. Flesh, pale scarlet, tender, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured.

This is a good early strawberry, and an excellent bearer.

Unzer Fritz

Fruit, large; ovate, regularly and handsomely shaped. Seeds, slightly imbedded. Skin, bright, glossy crimson. Flesh, crimson under the skin, and white at the centre; solid, very juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured.

A useful late variety; plant robust, and a good bearer.

Vicomtesse HÉRicart De Thury (Duchesse de Trévise; Marquise de la Tour Maubourg; (iarihahli)

Fruit, above medium size; conical, with an even surface. Skin, deep scarlet, becoming deep red as it ripens. Seeds, yellow, slightly imbedded. Flesh, pale red throughout, firm and solid, brisk, sweet, and richly flavoured.

This is an extraordinarily abundant bearer, and a valuable variety for general cultivation. In forcing it requires less light than most other varieties.

The foliage is almost evergreen, and the plants remain long in the same ground.

Virgin Queen. See Bicton Pine.

Waltham Seedling

Fruit, large; conical, and inclining to cockscomb-shape, very similar in general appearance to Sir Charles Napier. The colour is somewhat darker than Sir Charles, nearly a deep red. Seeds, rather prominent. Flesh, firm, juicy, rich, and with a slight pine flavour.

A decided improvement upon Sir Charles Napier as to quality of fruit, etc. Raised by Mr. William Paul, Waltham Cross, from a cross between Crimson Queen and Sir Charles Napier. It has the firm consistence of La Constante, and bears carriage well, and it remains in good condition long after being gathered.

Wonderful (Jeyes's Wonderful; Hyatt's Prolific)

Fruit, large; conical, frequently cockscomb-shaped, and fingered. Skin, pale red, and whitish at the apex. Seeds, numerous and prominent. Flesh, white, tender, melting, juicy, and sweet, briskly flavoured, and with a fine aroma.

A very excellent fruit, which forces well.