Fruit, large; roundish. Skin, shining, dark crimson. Seeds, imbedded. Flesh, juicy, and richly flavoured.

Amy Robsart

Fruit, rather large; ovate. Skin, bright, rather pale red. Seed, numerous, depressed. Flesh, solid, pinky white, melting, and juicy, with a fine brisk flavour.

Raised by Dr. Roden. It is a great bearer, and the fruit ripens at the same time as Early Prolific.

Ascot Pine-Apple

Fruit, medium sized; obovate, sometimes conical, colour bright shining scarlet. Surface, even, regular. Seeds, small, numerous, prominent. Flesh, very firm, reddish in colour. Flavour, very rich, sweet, and exceedingly pleasant. A very prolific early strawberry. Habit, dwarf, compact, like its parent, La Con-stante.

Barnes's White. See Bicton Pine. Belle Bordelaise. See Prolific Hautbois.

Bicton Pine (Barnes's White; Virgin Queen)

Fruit, large; roundish, and even in its outline. Skin, pale yellowish white, sometimes faintly tinged with red next the sun. Flesh, tender and soft, juicy, brisk, and with a pine flavour. Raised by Mr. Barnes, gardener to Lady Rolle, at Bicton in Devonshire.


Fruit, above medium size; ovate or conical, and regularly shaped. Skin, bright shining crimson. Seeds, prominent. Flesh, white, firm and solid, juicy, rich, and with a sprightly flavour.

An excellent strawberry, of La Constante race.

Black Bess. See Empress Eugenie. Black Pine. See Old Pine.

Black Prince (Cuthill's Black Prince; Malcolm's Aberdeen Seedling)

Fruit, small; obovate. Skin, glossy, of a dark red colour, which, when the fruit is highly ripened, becomes almost black. Seeds, rather prominent. Flesh, deep orange, brisk, rather rich, and with a little of the pine flavour.

A very early strawberry, a great bearer, and well adapted for forcing.

Blanche D'OrlÉAns

Fruit, larger than that of the ordinary White Alpine. It is of a yellowish white colour, and the plant is an abundant bearer.

BontÉ De St. Julien

Fruit, of medium size; roundish, inclining to conical, regular in shape. Skin, bright scarlet. Seeds, not deeply imbedded. Flesh, reddish, rich, sweet, and highly flavoured.

An excellent variety, and the plant is an abundant bearer. It forces well, and when so treated the flavour is not injured.

Bonny Lass

Fruit, very large and handsome. Skin, pale red, thickly covered with prominent seeds. Flesh, very solid, pink, juicy, and of good flavour.

A late variety, which begins to ripen at mid-season, and continues in use after the other varieties. It was raised by Dr. Roden.

British Queen (Hyatt's British Queen)

Fruit, large, sometimes very large; roundish, flattened, and cockscomb-shaped, the smaller fruit ovate or conical. Skin, pale red, colouring unequally, being frequently white or greenish white at the apex. Flesh, white, firm, juicy, and with a remarkably rich and exquisite flavour.

When well cultivated and thoroughly ripened, this is perhaps the best of all strawberries. It succeeds best with young plants, renewed every season. The great fault is that the plant is so very tender; it will not succeed in all soils, and it is generally an indifferent bearer. It forces well, and is much esteemed for that purpose.

British Queen Seedling. See Premier.