Doctor Hogg

Fruit, very large; cockscomb-shaped. Skin, pale red. Flesh, pale throughout, sweet, and with a very rich flavour, which remains long on the palate.

This is of the same class as British Queen, and not distinguishable from well-grown examples of that variety, except that it colours and ripens more thoroughly to the point. It ripens later than British Queen, and about the same time as Elton. The plant is much hardier, a more abundant bearer, has the growth of British Queen, but is more healthy and robust, and retains the foliage better during winter.

It was raised by Mr. Samuel Bradley, the skilful gardener at Elton Manor, near Nottingham.

Doubleday's No. 2. See Crimson Queen. Downton. See Doivnton Pine.

Downton Pine (Downton)

Fruit, medium sized; conical, with an even surface. Seeds, depressed. Skin, deep scarlet. Flesh, scarlet, firm, and solid throughout, briskly and richly flavoured.

Duc De Malakoff

Fruit, large and handsome, sometimes very large; roundish or cockscomb-shaped. Skin, deep red. Seeds, not deeply imbedded. Flesh, rather soft, red throughout, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured.

This is a very excellent strawberry. The plant is a good bearer, and forces well, and, unlike many other varieties, the fruit when forced is richly flavoured, and with a nice briskness.

Duchesse de Trévise. See Vicomtesse Héricart de Thury.

Duke Of Edinburgh (Moffat's)

Fruit, very large and handsome; cone-shaped, or irregularly cockscombed. Skin, of a dark crimson colour. The flesh is dark, moderately firm and juicy, and pleasant, but not over rich.

Habit, robust, and a wonderful bearer.

Raised by Messrs. Moffat, fruit growers near Edinburgh, from a cross between Keens's Seedling and Elton Pine.

Duke Of Edinburgh (Dr. Roden's)

Fruit, obovate; very handsome, with a perfect outline, and never departs from its normal shape. Small reflexed calyx, and glossy neck. Colour, darkish crimson. Seeds, numerous, and decidedly prominent. Flesh, dullish white. Flavour, sprightly and excellent.

A capital bearer, and excellent second early variety.

Early Crimson Pine

This is a fine large, handsome fruit, coming in with or closely succeeding Early Prolific. Colour, bright crimson. Seeds, rather prominent. Flesh, dullish white, and sometimes pink, juicy, with a rich, sprightly pine flavour. The plant is of stout upright growth, and crops heavily. Raised by Dr. Roden.

Early Prolific

Fruit, medium sized, or large; regularly conical, and never grows out of shape. Colour, bright glossy crimson, getting a little darker when quite ripe. Seeds, slightly imbedded. Flesh, pure white, firm throughout, juicy, and with a delicate pine flavour.

A first early variety, and bears well throughout the season. Plant, of excellent habit of growth. Raised by Dr. Roden.

Eclipse (Reeves's Eclipse)

Fruit, above medium size; conical, sometimes cockscomb-shaped. Seeds, small and not deeply imbedded. Skin, bright glossy red, shining as if varnished. Flesh, firm and solid, white throughout, with a rich and highly perfumed flavour.

A first-rate strawberry, and one of the best for forcing. The plant is a great bearer.