Forman's Excelsior

Fruit, large, varying from a symmetrical conical shape to wide-spreading cockscomb. Skin, dark red, of uniform colour, deeply pitted with moderately-sized seeds. Flesh, firm, tinged with pale scarlet throughout, quite solid, juicy, rather briskly flavoured, and with a fine aroma.

An early strawberry, as large and as handsome as President, than which it is richer and more sprightly in flavour.

Raised from seed of James Veitch by Mr. Forman, of Louth, in Lincolnshire.

Fragaria Tardissima

Fruit, medium sized or large; roundish. Skin, glossy red. Flesh, of good flavour.

The plant is very hardy, coming late into bloom, and continuing to bloom and bear through August to the middle of September, and sometimes later.

This was raised by Dr. Roden, of Kidderminster.

Francois Joseph II

Fruit, large; round, inclining to heart-shape. Skin, brilliant rose-coloured, with prominent yellowish seeds. Flesh, rosy, of an agreeable flavour.

Frederick William. See Princess Frederick William.

Frogmore Late Pine

Fruit,very large; conical, and cockscomb-shaped, with a glossy neck, like the Old Pine. Seeds, not deeply imbedded. Skin, glossy, bright red, becoming dark red, and almost black when ripe. Flesh, tender, and very juicy, red throughout, richly flavoured, and with a good deal of the pine aroma when well ripened.

This is a late variety, and an abundant bearer, coming in with the Elton, but much less acid than that variety.

Garibaldi. See Vicomtesse Héricart de Thury.

Gipsy Queen

Fruit, globular, or nearly so, sometimes blunt conical. Skin, almost black when quite ripe. Flesh, dark red throughout, extremely juicy, rich, and vinous.

The plant is of low growth, compact in its habit, and a great bearer. It was raised by Dr. Roden.

Globe (Myatt's Globe)

Fruit, large; roundish ovate. Skin, bright red. Seeds, rather prominent. Flesh, white, with a rosy tinge, juicy, very sugary, and highly perfumed, with the flavour of the Hautbois.

Goliath. See Kitley's Goliath.

Great Exhibition (Exhibition)

Fruit, medium sized; oblong ovate or irregular. Seeds, prominent. Skin, bright red. Flesh, dull yellow, very woolly and worthless.

The plant is a great bearer.


Fruit, of the largest size; very handsome, of a regular conical shape, sometimes flattened, and with a glossy neck. Seeds, prominent. Skin, bright glossy orange-red. Flesh, white, solid, juicy, sweet, rich, and with an aromatic flavour.

A late variety. The plant is vigorous, a compact grower and an abundant bearer. The fruit bears travelling well. It was raised by M. Gloede.

Highland Chief

Fruit, large; roundish ovate, and somewhat flattened. Seeds, not deeply imbedded. Skin, fine, clear red, becoming darker as it ripens. Flesh, dark red throughout, very firm and solid, very juicy and vinous, and with a rich pine flavour.

A very excellent strawberry. The plant is a most abundant bearer, and deserves universal cultivation.