Highland Mary

Fruit, above medium size; conical, inclining to cockscomb-shape. Skin, dark red. Seeds, small, not deeply imbedded. Flesh, white, rather hollow at the core, briskly and agreeably flavoured.

The plant is an abundant bearer.

Hooper's Seedling

Fruit, large; conical, rather flattened, but sometimes deeply furrowed. Seeds, rather deeply imbedded. Skin, dark red, assuming a very deep blackish tinge as it ripens. Flesh, crimson at the surface, but paler towards the centre, sweet, brisk, and richly flavoured.

A good bearer, and an excellent variety for general purposes.

Hovey's Seedling

Fruit, very large; roundish ovate, wedge-shaped, and furrowed. Skin, deep scarlet, shining. Seeds, slightly imbedded. Flesh, juicy, sweet, and well flavoured.

A favourite American variety, which has never become popular in this country.


A very early variety, raised by Dr. Roden. It is of medium size, bright red colour, and thickly studded with rather prominent seeds. Flesh, solid, pale red throughout, juicy, with a brisk refreshing flavour, and when fully ripe it has a trace of that of the Hautbois.

Ingram's Prince Alfred

Fruit, of large size; ovate. Skin, dark red. Seeds, prominent. Flesh, with a rosy tint, juicy, sugary, and richly flavoured.

An excellent and prolific strawberry.

Ingram's Prince Arthur

Fruit, medium sized; conical, even, and regular in shape, with a glossy neck. Seeds, not very numerous, nor deeply imbedded. Skin, of a brilliant scarlet, like Sir Charles Napier, paler at the tip. Flesh, white, solid, very juicy, brisk, and with a rich pine flavour.

A first-rate variety, an abundant bearer, and forces well.

Ingram's Prince Of Wales

Fruit, very large; roundish, flattened and wedge-shaped, the smaller fruit ovate. Seeds, not deeply imbedded. Skin, deep crimson, becoming darker as it ripens. Flesh, pale red, very firm and solid, brisk, sweet, and richly flavoured.

An excellent variety, and admirably adapted for forcing, when it produces large and richly flavoured fruit, and bears abundantly.

James Veitch

Fruit, large, roundish, handsome in shape. Seeds, yellow, very prominent. Skin, bright red. Flesh, firm, rich, very juicy and refreshing.

A good second early or rather mid-season variety. The plant is robust and compact in growth, with dark glossy green foliage.

Jeyes's Wonderful. See Wonderful,

John Powell

Fruit, above medium size; long ovate, and with a long shining neck. Skin, bright shining red. Seeds, small, not deeply imbedded. Flesh, white, with an occasional rosy tinge, firm, very juicy, sugary, and richly pine-flavoured.

A very excellent and prolific variety.

Keens's Seedling

Fruit, large; ovate, sometimes inclining to cockscomb-shape. Seeds, not deeply imbedded. Skin, dark crimson, becoming very dark when highly ripened. Flesh, scarlet, firm and solid, juicy, brisk, and richly flavoured.

An old and well-established variety, which, for many purposes, has not yet been surpassed. It forces exceedingly well, and is much used for that purpose, many preferring the flavour of this strawberry to that of any other. When planted out it succeeds best from young plants, the plantations requiring to be renewed every second year.

It was raised by Mr. Michael Keens, a market gardener at Isleworth, near London.