King Of The Earlies

Fruit, medium sized; ovate, even and regular in its outline. Seeds, rather prominent. Skin, bright red on the shaded side, and dark mahogany on the side exposed to the sun. Flesh, white, with a tinge of red under the skin; solid, firm, with a fine brisk and rich flavour.

It is one of the earliest strawberries, earlier than either of its parents, Vicomtesse Héricart de Thury and Black Prince.

It was raised by Mr. Laxton at his experimental garden at Girtford, Beds.

Kitley's Goliath (Goliath)

Fruit, very large, compressed and wedge-shaped, the smaller ones ovate. Seeds, deeply imbedded, which gives the surface a rough appearance. Skin, deep red, colouring equally all over. Flesh, white, solid, briskly and richly flavoured, but not equal to British Queen, to which it is similar.

An excellent strawberry, and, for large culture, one of the best. The plant is vigorous, very hardy, and an abundant bearer.

This was raised by Mr. James Kitley, a market gardener at Widcombe Vale, Bath, in 1838.


La Chalonnaise

Fruit, large, and conical. Skin, bright pale scarlet. Seeds, prominent. Flesh, white, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured.

This belongs to British Queen class. The plant is very prolific and hardy.

La Constante

Fruit, large; conical, and regularly formed. Seeds, not deeply imbedded. Skin, of a brilliant lively crimson. Flesh, white, with a rosy tinge, firm, juicy, richly and sprightly flavoured.

A first-rate strawberry, and an abundant bearer. When forced it bears abundantly, and preserves its flavour well The plant is very dwarf, and produces runners very sparingly; on this account it is difficult to grow it extensively.

This was raised by M. J. De Jonghe, of Brussels.

La Fertile

Fruit, large; conical. Skin, bright red. Seeds, prominent. Flesh, white, with a rosy tint, firm, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured.

La Grosse SucrÉE

Fruit, large; conical, frequently cocks-combed. Seeds, deeply imbedded. Surface of the fruit uneven. Skin, dull red. Flesh, pale red, somewhat soft, and of a slightly acid flavour. The plant is a very free grower, and an abundant bearer. It also forces well.

La Reine

Fruit, large; conical or wedge-shaped. Skin, of a pale flesh-colour. Seeds, brown and prominent. Flesh, perfectly white, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured.

A very excellent strawberry, and even when forced preserves all its richness of flavour. The plant is very hardy and prolific.

LÉOnce De Lambertye

Fruit, very large; conical, even and regular in its shape. Skin, bright shining red, as if varnished. Seeds, slightly imbedded. Flesh, firm, rosy white, very juicy, rich, and sweet.

An excellent strawberry. The plant is a vigorous grower and a free bearer.

Lord Napier

Fruit, large and handsome, rather larger than Early Prolific, and occasionally slightly flattened. Seeds, numerous and decidedly prominent. Skin, bright crimson. Flesh, pinky white, and sometimes pink, firm and juicy, with an excellent sprightly aroma. Plant, hardy, and a prolific bearer.