Loxford Hall Seedling

Fruit, large; conical or ovate, occasionally cockscomb-shaped, and considerably corrugated. Skin, bright red next the sun, paler and frequently greenish on the shaded side. Seeds, prominent. Flesh, red throughout, very solid, with a brisk refreshing flavour like that of Sir Charles Napier.

It was raised at Loxford Hall, Essex, by Mr. Douglas, being a cross between Frogniore Late Pine and La Constante, about the year 1869. It is the latest strawberry we have; later even than Frogmore Late Pine.


Fruit, large; conical, but sometimes obovate and cocks-combed, with even surface. Seeds, moderately prominent. Skin, bright scarlet. Flesh, pale, of a very pleasant briskly acid flavour.

A very excellent strawberry and a great bearer. Plant of fine dwarf compact habit of growth.

Mammoth (Myatt's Mammoth)

Fruit, immensely large; flattened, deeply furrowed and ribbed, irregular and uneven in its outline. Seeds, small and very slightly imbedded. Skin, glossy, of a fine deep red colour. Flesh, scarlet throughout, firm and solid, even in the largest specimens, and of a brisk and pleasant flavour, which is rich in the well-ripened fruit.

The foliage is small, and on short footstalks, and permits the fruit to be well exposed to the influence of the sun.


Fruit, very large; conical. Skin, bright shining red. Flesh, bright orange, solid, juicy, sugary, and richly flavoured.

A variety introduced from France. It is of immense size, and sometimes weighs as much as three ounces and a half.

Marquise de la Tour Maubourg

See Vicomtesse Héricart de Thury.

MR. Radclyffe

Fruit, large; obovate or cockscombed, in appearance like British Queen. Seeds, rather pale, prominent. Flesh, sweet, or having a brisk acidity, and of excellent quality. The plant is of nice habit, and is an abundant bearer.

This was raised by Mr. Ingram, of Frogmore.

May Queen

Fruit, small, roundish. Skin, bright orange. Seeds, deeply imbedded. Flesh, white, juicy, and agreeably flavoured.

A small early strawberry, remarkable only for its earliness and fertility.

Myatt's British Queen. See British Queen. Myatt's Eleanor. See Eleanor.

Myatt's Eliza (Omar Pasha; Rival Queen)

Fruit, medium sized; ovate or conical, with a glossy neck. Seeds, not deeply imbedded. Skin, light red, becoming deep red when highly ripened. Flesh, scarlet on the outside, but paler towards the core, firm and solid, very juicy, and with a particularly rich and exquisite flavour.

This is one of the richest flavoured of all the varieties. The plant is a pretty good bearer, and hardier than the British Queen, to which it is, under all circumstances, superior in flavour. When forced the fruit is large, of a fine colour, and exquisite flavour.

Myatt's Emily. See Emily. Myatt's Globe. See Globe. Myatt's Mammoth. See Mammoth. Myatt's Prolific. See Wonderful. Myatt's Seedling. See Filbert Pine.