Aberdeen Seedling. See Roseberry.


Fruit, very large, sometimes enormous, usually elongated, but often regular. Skin, vermilion red. Seeds, prominent. Flesh, dark, salmon-coloured, sweet, high-flavoured, slightly acidulous, and aromatic.

Plant, very small, but vigorous. Leaves, small, with elongated leaflets, supported on smooth slender stalks. Raised by Dr. Nicaise.


Fruit, large, conical, and handsome, even and regular in its shape. Skin, of an uniform dark red colour. Seeds, not deeply imbedded. Flesh, deep red throughout, rather soft and woolly, hollow at the core, not richly flavoured.

When forced the flavour is very good as compared with many other sorts subjected to the same treatment.

Admiral Dundas

Fruit, very large; roundish, inclining to conical, irregular and angular, sometimes cockscomb-shaped; the smaller fruit conical. Skin, pale scarlet. Flesh, firm, juicy, brisk, and highly flavoured.

This is one of the best of the very large strawberries raised by Mr. Myatt.


Fruit, large; irregularly roundish, very deeply furrowed. Seeds, deeply imbedded, with prominent ridges between them, which give the surface a coarse appearance. Skin, dull brick-red. Flesh, deep red, and solid throughout, juicy, briskly flavoured, and tolerably rich.

The plant is of a luxuriant habit, and bears badly in the open ground, but when grown in pots it produces an abundance of fruit, forces well, and produces large and well-flavoured fruit.


Fruit, very large; roundish, and flattened out into horns or like a horse-shoe; in the latter case the fruit is sometimes larger than that of Dr. Nicaise; deep orange-red colour. Seeds, slightly imbedded. Skin, yellowish. Flesh, rosy, of a sweet, high flavour. A very good variety, and very distinct.

Alice Maude. See Princess Alice Maude.

Alice Nicholson

Fruit, medium sized and occasionally large; ovate, with a glossy neck. Calyx, reflexed. Skin, pink, or pale orange-red. Seeds, projecting. Flesh, white and very solid. The ripened seeds dark. Flavour, sprightly and quite unique. An excellent second early variety.


Fruit, rather large; long oval, even and regularly shaped. Skin, bright glossy red. Seed, numerous and prominent. Flesh, solid, pinky red throughout, melting, juicy, and highly flavoured.

It ripens about the same time as Black Prince. It was raised by Dr. Roden, of Kidderminster.


Fruit, very large; roundish obovate and cocks-combed, of a deep crimson colour. Flesh, bright red, somewhat soft, but exceedingly pleasant in flavour.

A very handsome fruit, ripening about mid-season, and succes-sionally. Plant, robust, and a very heavy cropper. A suitable variety for amateurs. Raised by Mr. Bradley, of Southwell, the raiser of Dr. Hogg, Oscar, etc.


Fruit, large or very large, of an elongated conical form, almost always regular. Skin, light red, with a vermilion tinge on the top. Seeds, rather prominent. Flesh, rosy white, sweet, and very aromatic. Plant, vigorous, hardy, and prolific.