Furnished by Dr. Henry Bull, of Hereford.

Bran Rose Cherry Norman Cherry Pearmain Coccagee Cowarne Red Cwmmy Dymock Red Eggleton Styre Forest Styre Foxwhelp Garter

Gennet Moyle Green Wilding Hagloe Crab Handsome Norman Kingston Black

Munn's Red Old Bromley Pym Square Red Norman Red Royal Red Splash Red-streak Royal Wilding Skyrme's Kernel South Quoining Strawberry Norman Tanner's Red Wilding Bitter-sweet White Norman White Must White Styre


Furnished by Mr. R. T. Veitch, Nurseryman, Exeter.

Hangdown Tremlett's Bitter Kingston Black Pound Apple Sweet Elford or Alfred Tom Putt

Greasy Ponsford Red Cluster Slack my Girdle Soldier Northwood


Furnished by Mr. R. H. Poynton, Nurseryman, Taunton, from the most noted Cider Makers.

Black Hereford - A large white apple, "good for extra prime tipple"

Chibble's Wilding - A sweet yellow apple with a long stalk, which gives much briskness to cider

Granville - A small red apple, giving a high colour

Hangdown - A small yellow apple

Kingston Black - This of itself makes a thin cider; but a few only communicate a high colour to other ciders

Large Jersey - Good, but not a great cropper

Morris's Apple - "Never blights," of medium size, high colour, and a very fair eating apple in January

Streaked or Royal Jersey - Small red

Darbin Red-streak

Lurley Bitter-sweet

Red Cluster

Sweet Reinette

Pound - Very large

Cadbury - The cider quickly turns black after drawing