July. Joaneting Margaret

July and August. Early Harvest Sack and Sugar

August. Irish Peach

Devonshire Quarrenden Large Yellow Bough Whorle Pippin

August and September. Old King of the Pippins Oslin Summer Golden Pippin

September. Alexandra

September and October. Bowyer's Russet Kerry Pippin Pineapple Russet Pomeroy of Hereford Wormsley Pippin Yellow Ingestrie

October. American Mother Nanny

October and November. Breedon Pippin Pine Golden Pippin Red Ingestrie

October to December. Broughton Crofton Scarlet Early Nonpareil Franklin's Golden Pippin Gravenstein

October to January. American Golden Russet Cornish Aromatic Golden Winter Pearmain Harvey's Wiltshire

Defiance Isle of Wight Pippin Keeping Russet Lucombe's Pine Apple Maclean's Favourite Scarlet Pearmain Washington

October to February. Barton's Incomparable Brookes's

Cox's Orange Pippin Essex Pippin Mickleham Pearmain Morris's Court of Wick Morris's Russet Osterley Pippin Pomme Grise Sykehouse Russet

October to March. Court of Wick Hormead Pearmain Mannington's Pearmain

October to April. Api

October to June. Morris's Nonpareil Russet

November to January. Borsdörfer Downton Pippin Ribston Pearmain

November to February. Esopus Spitzenburgh Loan's Pearmain Margil Powell's Russet

Reinette Jaune Sucrée Ronald's Gooseberry Pippin Ross Nonpareil Russet Table Pearmain Sam Young Siely's Mignonne Stoke Edith Pippin

November to March. Barcelona Pearmain Claygate Pearmain Cobham

Keddleston Pippin Mrs. Ward Pack horse Pennington's Seedling

November to April. Braddick's Nonpareil Forman's Crew Golden Pippin Golden Reinette Hubbard's Pearmain Reinette Franche Scarlet Golden Pippin Wheeler's Russet

November to May. Ashmead's Kernel Coe's Golden Drop D'Arcy Spice Reinette Grise

December and January. Padley's Pippin Pitmaston Pine Apple

December to February. Adams's Pearmain Aromatic Russet Byson Wood Russet Caraway Russet Christie's Pippin Golden Nonpareil Hughes's Golden Pippin Hunt's Duke of Gloucester Melon

Pitmaston Golden Pippin Pitmaston Nonpareil Robinson's Pippin Rosemary Russet

December to March. Beachamwell Federal Pearmain Golden Knob Golden Russet Hunt's Deux Ans Mela Carla Pearson's Plate Reinette de Breda Reinette Diel Ribston Pippin Siegende Reinette Taunton Golden Pippin Yellow Newtown Pippin

December to April. Eldon Pippin

Jonatban Newtown Pippin Pinner Seedling Reinette Carpentin Rusbock Pearmain Screveton Golden Pippin Shakespere Wyken Pippin

December to May. Cornish Gilliflower Court Pendû Plat Golden Harvey Holbert's Victoria Lord Burgh ley Northern Spy Reinette Van Mons Reinette Verte

January to April Boston Russet Brickley Seedling

Calville Blanche d'Hiver Cockle's Pippin Farleigh Pippin Lamb Abbey Pearmain Scarlet Nonpareil Twining's Pippin

January to May.

New Rock Pippin



Uellner's Gold Reinette

February to May. Duke of Devonshire

February to June.

Lodgemore Nonpareil Stunner Pippin Wan stall