August. Early Julyan Sugarloaf Pippin Summer Stibbert Williams's Favourite

August and September. Carlisle Codlin Cole

Duchess of Oldenburgh English Codlin Keswick Codlin Lord Suffield Red Hawthornden

August to October. Jolly Beggar Springrove Codlin Stirling Castle

September and October. Grand Duke Constantine Nonesuch bummer Pearmain

September to December. Emperor Alexander Golden Noble Lord Grosvenor Waltham Abbey Seedling

September to January. Broad-eyed Pippin Nelson Codlin Winter Codlin

October. Cellini Cox's Pomona

October to December. Fall Pippin Greenup's Pippin Hawthornden Hoary Morning Lord Derby Moore's Seedling

October to January. Brown Kenting Castle Major Catshead Ecklinville Flower of Kent Galloway Pippin Glory of the West Gloucestershire Costard Harvey Apple Herefordshire Costard Hollandbury Kentish Pippin



Mère de Ménage



Tom Putt

Yorkshire Greening

October to February. Beauty of Kent Lady Henniker Lane's Prince Albert Lueombe's Seedling Pile's Russet Wadhurst, Pippin Warner's King Watson's Dumpling

November to January. Kentish Fill-Basket Queen of Sauce Small's Admirable Toker's Incomparable Winter Hawthurnden

November to February. Blenheim Pippin Caroline Fearn's Pippin Grange's Pearmain

Tower of Glammis

November to March. Baxter's Pearmain Bedfordshire Foundling Dumelow's Seedling Holland Pippin Hoskreiger Minehull Crab Round Winter Nonesuch Royal Pearmain Royal Russet Royal Somerset

November to April. Alfriston

Brabant Bellefleur London Pippin Northern Greening

Omar Pasha Reinette du Canada Rhode Island Greening Winter Colman

November to May. Betty Geeson Minier's Dumpling Striped Beefing Winter Greening Winter Quoining

November to July. Norfolk Stone Pippin

December to February. Harvey's Pippin Mitchelson's Seedling

December to March. Dredge's Fame Hanwell Souring Stamford Pippin

December to April. Dutch Codlin Reinette Blanche d'Espagne Sweeny Nonpareil Winter Pearmain

January to May. Brown lees's Russet Hambledon Deux Ans Winter Majetin

January to June. Norfolk Beefing