A Bijoux. See Large Fruited.


The common walnut being raised from seeds, there are a great number of varieties, varying in size, flavour, thickness of the shell, and fertility. To secure a variety of a certain character, it must be perpetuated by grafting in the same way as varieties of other fruit trees are propagated.

A Coque Tendre. See Thin Shelled. Double. See Large Fruited.

Dwarf Prolific (Early Bearing; Fertile; Procparturiem; Precocious)

This is a dwarf-growing, early-bearing variety, which I have seen produce fruit when not more than two and a half to three feet high; and a tree in my possession bore abundant crops of good-sized and well-flavoured fruit when not more than six feet high.

This variety reproduces itself from seed.

Early Bearing. See Dwarf Prolific, Fertile. See Dwarf Prolific. French. See Large Fruited.


This ripens its fruit considerably earlier than the others, and is of good size and well flavoured.

De Jauge. See Large Fruited.

Large Fruited (A Bijoux; Double; French; De Jauge; À Très Gros Fruit)

Nuts, very large, two or three times larger than the common walnut, and somewhat square or oblong in shape. The kernel is small for the size of the nut, and does not nearly fill the shell. It requires to be eaten when fresh, as it very soon becomes rancid.

The shell of this variety is used by the jewellers for jewel-cases, and is frequently fitted up with ladies' embroidering instruments.

Late (Tardif; Saint Jean)

The leaves and flowers are not developed till near the end of June, after all danger from frost has passed. The nuts are of medium size, roundish, and well filled, but they do not keep long. The tree is very productive, and is reproduced from the seed.

À Mésange. See Thin Shelled. Præparturiens. See Dwarf Prolific, Precocious. See Dwarf Prolific. St. Jean. See Late. Tardif. See Late.

Thin Shelled (À Coque Tendre; À Mésange)

Nuts, oblong, with a tender shell, and well filled. This is the best of all the varieties.

A Très Gros Fruit. See Large Fruited.


This is of large size, but not so large as the Large Fruited. It fills and ripens well.