No evergreen ground-cover plants seem to prove hardy in the region covered by this list, and so the plants given are confined to deciduous shrubs and vines. Perennials can be used in proportion to the winter protection provided for them.

a. Shrubs:

Artemisia sericea Siberian Wormwood

Comptonia asplenifolia Sweet Fern

Ribes aureum

Flowering Currant

Ribes oxycanthoides Wild Gooseberry

Rosa arkansana Arkansas Rose

Rubus odoratus Flowering Raspberry

Spiraea sorbifolia Sorb-leaved Spirea

Spiraea tomentosa Hardhack

Symphoricarpos vulgaris Indian-currant b. Vines:

Ampelopsis quinquefolia Virginia Creeper

Celastrus scandens American Bitter-sweet

Lycium halimifolium Matrimony Vine

Menispermum canadense Common Moonseed