The following is a compilation of the more important practical books on various subjects relating to landscape plantings and of interest to the gardener and to the owner of private estates. An effort has been made to include a reference list of some of the more important articles which have appeared from time to time in different magazines, as discussions on these subjects. An attempt has been made in compiling this list of references not to cover the entire field of literature written on these subjects, but to include only a sufficient number of books of real value from which information can be readily obtained.

The author does not wish to imply that there are not many other interesting publications pertaining to this subject matter. It is imperative, however, that this list should not become overburdened, and yet, if references have been omitted which should have been included, any suggestions or corrections will be welcome.

Books Botany - Manual of the Flora of the Northern States and Canada, by N. L.

Britton. Field, Forest and Garden Botany, by Asa Gray. Official Catalog of Plant Names, by American Joint Committee on

Horticultural Nomenclature.

Bulbs - Daffodils, by Joseph Jacob.

The Bulb Book, by John Weathers.

Bulb Culture, by Henderson.

Bulb Garden, by Grace Tabor.

The Book of Bulbs, by S. Arnott.

Bulbs and Tuberous-Rooted Plants, by C. L. Allen.

Daffodils, Narcissus, and How to Grow Them, by M. Kirby.

Tulips, by Joseph Jacob.

Evergreens and Rhododendrons - Evergreens and How to Grow Them, by C. L. Harrison.

The Rhododendron and American Plants, by E. S. Rand, Jr.

Handy Book of Ornamental Conifers and Rhododendrons, by H.

Fraser. Hedges and Evergreens, by J. A. Warder. Rhododendrons and Azaleas, by Wm. Watson.

Flower Gardens (Perennials and Annuals)

The Book of Perennials, by H. H. Saylor.

The Book of Annuals, by H. H. Saylor.

Color Schemes in the Flower Garden, by Gertrude Jekyll.

The Flower Garden, by Ida Bennett.

The American Flower Garden, by Neltje Blanchan.

The English Flower Garden, by W. Robinson.

Flower Gardening, by H. S. Adams.

Familiar Flowers of Field and Garden, by F. S. Matthews.

Color in My Garden, by Louise B. Wilder.

Irises, by W. R. Dykes.

The Book of the Peony, by Mrs. Edward Harding.

Our Garden Flowers, by Harriet L. Keeler.

The Garden, Month by Month, by Mabel Sedgwick.

Flower Gardens - A Selected List of Books, The New York Public Library (January, 1915). The Garden Blue Book, by L. B. Holland. Popular Garden Flowers, by Walter Page Wright. Garden Flowers of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, by Ellen E.

Shaw, edited by Leonard Barron.

Forestry - Forest Mensuration, by H. S. Graves.

Foresters' Manual, by E. T. Seton.

Principles of American Forestry, by S. B. Green.

Practical Forestry, by John Gifford.

Practical Forestry, by Andrew S. Fuller.

Principles of Handling Woodlands, by H. S. Graves.

A List of Books on Trees and Forestry, Boston Public Library, 1899.

Garden Architecture - The Practical Book of Garden Architecture, by Phoebe W. Humphrey. The Book of Garden Furniture, by Charles Thonger. Garden Ornaments, by Gertrude Jekyll. Italian Gardens, by Inigo Triggs.

Herb Gardens - The Herb Garden, by Frances A. Bardwell.

The Book of the Scented Garden, by F. W. Burbridge.

Japanese Gardens - The Art of Landscape Gardening in Japan, by Josiah Conder. Landscape Gardening in Japan, by Josiah Conder. The Flowers and Gardens of Japan, by Florence Du Cane. Japanese Flower Arrangement Applied to Western Needs, by Mary Averill.

Lawns - Lawns and How to Make Them, by Leonard Barron.

Making a Lawn, by Luke J. Doogue.

Turf for Golf Courses, by Piper and Oakley.

Miscellaneous - The New Gardening, by Walter P. Wright.

Catalog of the Codman Collection of Books on Landscape Gardening,

Boston Public Library, 1899. The Landscape Beautiful, by F. A. Waugh. Practical Landscape Gardening, by Robert B. Cridland. Gardening for Beginners, by E. T. Cook. Farm and Garden Rule Book, by L. H. Bailey. Manual of Gardening, by L. H. Bailey. Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture, by L. H. Bailey. Gardeners' Dictionary, by G. W. Johnson. The Book of Topiary, by C. H. Curtis and W. Gibson. My Growing Garden, by J. Horace MacFarland. Book of Garden Plans, by Stephen F. Hamblin.

Native Plants - Wild Flowers of New England, by Lincoln.

Ferns and How to Grow Them, by G. A. Woolson.

Ferns and Their Haunts, by W. N. Clute.

The Book of Choice Ferns, by G. Schneider.

An Illustrated Flora, by N. L. Britton and Addison Brown.

Our Northern Shrubs, by Harriet L. Keeler.

Silva of North America, by C. S. Sargent.

Field Book of American Trees and Shrubs, by F. S. Mathews.

Pennsylvania Trees, by J. S. Illick.

Plant Life of Alabama, by Charles Mohr.

Tree Book, by Julia E. Rogers.

Trees and Shrubs of Northeastern America, by C. S. Newhall.

Wild Flowers of the North American Mountains, by Julia W. Henshaw.

Key to Trees of Northeastern United States and Canada, by Collin and Preston. A Guide to the Wild Flowers, by Alice Lounsberry.

Ornamental Trees and Shrubs - Aristocrats of the Garden, by E. H. Wilson. Trees and Shrubs, by C. S. Sargent. Ornamental Shrubs of the United States, by A. G. Apgar. Garden Trees and Shrubs, by W. P. Wright. Shade Trees in Towns and Cities, by William Solataroff. Ornamental Shrubs for Garden, Lawn, and Park Planting, by L. D. Davis.

Plant Diseases - Fungus Diseases of Plants, by B. M. Duggar.

Injurious Insects of the Farm and Garden, by Mrs. Mary Treat.

Spraying of Plants, by E. G. Lodeman.

Insects and Insecticides, by C. M. Weed.

Propagation of Plants - Plant Propagation, by Alfred C. Hottes.

Plant Culture, by George W. Oliver.

Nursery Book, by L. H. Bailey.

Plant Breeding, by L. H. Bailey.

Plant Physiology, With Special Reference to Plant Production, by B.

M. Duggar. Plant Propagation, by M. G. Kains. Art of Propagation, by J. Jenkins.

Pruning - Pruning Manual, by L. H. Bailey.

Principles and Practice of Pruning, by M. G. Kains.

Rock Gardens - Alpine Flowers and Rock Gardens, by Walter P. Wright.

Alpine Flowers for Gardens, Rock, Wall, Marsh Plants and Mountain Shrubs, by W. Robinson. Making a Rock Garden, by H. L. Adams. The Small Rock Garden, by F. H. Jenkins. My Rock Garden, by R. J. Farrer.

Roses - Roses, by H. R. Darlington.

Roses, Their History, Development, and Cultivation, by J. H.

Pemberton. The Rose, by H. B. Ellwanger. Parsons, On the Rose, by S. B. Parsons.

The Practical Book of Outdoor Rose Growing, by Geo. C. Thomas, Jr. A Book about Roses, by S. Reynolds Hole. Roses and Rose Gardens, by W. P. Wright. Everblooming Roses for the Outdoor Garden of the Amateur, by G. T.


Street Trees - Field Book for Street Tree Mapping, by William SolatarofF. Trees in Lawn, Street, and Park, by B. E. Fernow.

Trees and Shrubs (Winter Characters and Form)

New England Trees in Winter, by Blakeslee and Jarvis. Handbook of Trees of the Northern States and Canada, by Romeym B. Hough.

Vines - Climbing Plants, by W. Watson.

Book of Climbing Plants, by S. Arnott.

Vines and How to Grow Them, by William McCollum.

A Concise Handbook of Climbers, Twiners, and Wall Shrubs, by H. P.

Fitzgerald. Vines of Northeastern America, by C. S. Newhall.

Wall Gardens - Wall and Water Gardens, by Gertrude Jekyll.

Water Gardens - The Book of Water Gardening, by Peter Bisset.

Rock and Water Gardens, by Charles Thonger.

Making a Water Garden, by William Tricker.

Water Lilies and Aquatics, by Peter Henderson.

Water Lilies and How to Grow Them, by Conrad and Hus.

Winter Protection - Hedges, Shelters, Windbreaks, and Stone Fences, by E. P. Powell.