To provide a succession of bloom with annuals those included in the following group should be sown in two or three successive plantings. Very few annual seeds should be sown after the hot summer weather begins, unless great care is given to the watering.

Centaurea Cyanus Old-fashioned Cornflower

Coreopsis tinctoria

Tickseed Gypsophila elegans

Baby's Breath (sow every three weeks) Iberis umbellata

Candytuft (sow every three weeks)

Myosotis palustris Forget-me-not

Nigella damascena

Love-in-a-mist (sow every six weeks)

Papaver (in variety)

Poppy (sow every four weeks)

Phlox drummondi Drummond's Phlox

Reseda odorata Mignonette (sow every three weeks)