Many persons object to the bare ground existing among roses. For the best success in growing roses every opportunity should be provided for cultivating the area around each rosebush. During a portion of the season, however, this bareness of the soil can be overcome by the use of an interesting carpet, providing colour at a season of the year when the roses have passed the height of their bloom. Any ground-cover planting among roses should be watched carefully in order to eliminate the possibility that the ground-cover plants absorb food which should remain for the rose plants, or that they should prevent cultivation at a time when the roses need cultivating.

Alyssum maritimum Sweet Alyssum

Dianthus heddewigi Japanese Pink

Petunia hybrida

Petunia Phlox drummondi

Annual Phlox

Portulaca grandiflora

Rose Moss Reseda odorata

Mignonette Verbena hybrida


Viola cornuta (in variety) Tufted Pansy

Viola tricolor Pansy