The following group of perennials includes several plants, such as the gladiolus, which are not hardy in the open ground in winter in the north. Most of the plants are the same sorts which are used elsewhere, but which have been selected after experience has shown their adaptability to the conditions of this territory.

Aconitum (in variety) Monkshood

Adonis vernalis Pheasant's Eye

Alstroemeria chilensis

Chilean Lily Alyssum (in variety)

Golden Tuft

Anchusa (in variety)

Alkanet Anemone coronaria

Poppy-flowered Anemone

Anthemis tinctoria kelwayi

Hardy Marguerite Antirrhinum majus


Aquilegia (in variety) Columbine

Argemone (in variety) Prickly Poppy

Artemisia (in variety) Wormwood

Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed

Baptisia (in variety) False Indigo

Dahlia (in variety)

Garden Dahlia Delphinium (in variety)


Echinops (in variety) Globe Thistle

Eryngium amethystinum Amethyst Sea Holly

Eupatorium (in variety) White Snakeroot

Filipendula hexapetala

Herbaceous Meadow-sweet

Funkia (in variety) Plantain Lily

Gaillardia (in variety) Blanket Flower

Gladiolus (in variety) Sword Flower

Gypsophila (in variety)

Chalk Plant Helenium (in variety)


Helianthemum (in variety)

Rock Rose Helianthus (in variety)

Hardy Perennial Sun-flower

Hesperis matronalis Sweet Rocket

Heuchera sanguinea Coral-bells

Incarvillea delevayi Hardy Gloxinea

Iris (in variety) Iris

Kniphofia uvaria Red-hot Poker Plant

Lithospermum canescens Indian Paint

Lobelia (in variety)

Lobelia Lychnis coronaria

Mullein Pink

Oenothera (in variety) Evening Primrose

Paeonia officinalis Old-fashioned Peony

Paeonia suffruticosa Tree Peony

Paeonia tenuijolia Fennel-leaved Peony

Phlox (in variety) Garden Phlox

Platycodon grandiflorum Balloon Flower

Polemonium caeruleum American Jacob's Ladder

Polemonium reptans Greek Valerian

Primula (in variety) Primrose

Pyrethrum coccineum Painted Daisy

Salvia (in variety) Sage

Thalictrum (in variety)

Meadow-rue Veronica (in variety)


Viola (in variety) Violet