This group contains types of evergreens selected for general use under widely varied conditions throughout the northeastern section of the United States.

Abies brachyphylla Nikko Fir

Abies concolor White Fir

Abies veitchi

Veitch's Silver Fir Chamaecyparis obtusa

Japanese Cypress

Juniperus chinensis pfitzeriana Pfitzer's Juniper

Juniperus communis Common Juniper

Juniperus communis aurea Golden Juniper Juniperus excelsa stricta Slender Greek Juniper

Juniperus horizontalis Trailing Juniper

Juniperus horizontalis douglasi Waukegan Juniper

Juniperus sabina Savin Juniper

Juniperus scopulorum

Rocky Mountain Silver Cedar Juniperus virginiana

Red Cedar

Juniperus virginiana cannarti Columnar Tufted Cedar

Juniperus virginiana schotti Schott's Red Cedar

Picea alba White Spruce

Picea alcockiana Alcock's Spruce

Picea engelmanni Engelmann's Spruce

Picea excelsa (in variety) Norway Spruce

Picea omorika Servian Spruce

Picea pungens Colorado Spruce

Pinus cembra Swiss Stone Pine

Pinus densiflora umbraculifera Dwarf Japanese Red Pine

Pinus montana mughus Dwarf Mountain Pine

Pinus nigra austriaca Austrian Pine

Pinus resinosa Red Pine

Pinus strobus White Pine

Pinus sylvestris Scotch Pine

Pseudotsuga douglasi (Colorado Form) Douglas Fir

Sciadopitys verticillata Umbrella Pine

Taxus baccata repandens Spreading English Yew

Taxus canadensis Ground Yew

Taxus cuspidata Japanese Yew

Taxus cuspidata brevifolia Short-leaved Japanese Yew

Thuja occidentalis aurea George Peabody's Golden Arborvitae

Thuja occidentalis douglasi Douglas' Arborvitae

Thuja occidentalis globosa Globe Arborvitae

Thuja occidentalis (Little Gem) Little Gem Arborvitae

Thuja occidentalis plicata Tall Pointed Arborvitae

Thuja occidentalis pyramidalis Pyramidal Arborvitae

Thuja occidentalis rosenthali Rosenthal's Arborvitae

Thuja occidentalis vervŠneana Vervaene's Arborvitae

Thuja occidentalis wareana Siberian Arborvitae

Tsuga canadensis Canadian Hemlock

Tsuga caroliniana Carolina Hemlock