It is often necessary in many locations, especially along the water fronts, to plant windbreaks that will preserve the more tender types of plants and which will preserve the lighter soils against heavy windstorms coming from the direction of the prevailing winds. Windbreaks in this section of the country are not used for the same purpose that windbreaks are generally used in the northern climates where winter protection is the main use. Windbreaks throughout the Florida section are of greatest value against erosion of the lighter soils because of prevailing winds and injuries to the more tender plants.

Bambusa argentea Silver Bamboo

Bambusa striata Striped Bamboo

Callitris verrucosa Cypress Pine

Casuarina equisetifolia Australian Pine

Cinnamomum camphora

Camphor Tree Grevillea robusta (T)

Silk Oak

Pithecolobium dulce Manila Tamarind

Quercus nigra Water Oak