Owing to the severe exposure to which a hedge may be subjected only small groups can be recommended as entirely "ironclad." No broad-leaved evergreens can be listed and only the most hardy sorts of conifers, among them being the Black Hills variety of the white spruce, given here as picea canadensis. Early spring-flowering shrubs like the golden bell and deutzia are not hardy and none of the beeches should be used for windbreaks or other types of hedges. Most of the other plants shown in Chapter XII (Plants For Hedges) can be planted safely.

a. Barriers:

Crataegus coccinea Scarlet-fruited Thorn

Hippophae rhamnoides Sea Buckthorn

Juniperus virginiana Red Cedar

Lonicera tatarica Tartarian Honeysuckle

Picea canadensis Black Hills Spruce

Picea excelsa Norway Spruce

Rhamnus cathartica Common Buckthorn

Ribes alpinum Alpine Currant

Ribes oxycanthoides Wild Gooseberry

Rosa rugosa Japanese Rose b. Windbreaks:

Acer tataricum Tartarian Maple

Picea canadensis Black Hills Spruce

Pinus nigra austriaca Austrian Pine

Pinus strobus White Pine

Pinus sylvestris Scotch Pine

Salix Willow