This group of plants for ground cover is more restricted than the group including plants available for use farther north. This is due to the fact that many herbaceous perennials do not succeed in the long, hot summers of the south.

a. Moist places:

Asarum arifoliutn

Mottled Snakeroot Asarum virginicum

Virginia Snakeroot Dalibarda repens

Barren Strawberry Evonymus radicans

Climbing Evonymus Hedera helix

English Ivy

Helonias bullata Swamp Pink

Houstonia serpyllifolia

Creeping Bluet Lysimachia nummularia

Moneywort Phlox subulata

Moss Pink

Sedum nevi

Nevius' Stonecrop

Vinca minor Periwinkle

Viola cornuta Tufted Pansy b. Dry places:

Ampelopsis quinquefolia Virginia Creeper

Ampelopsis tricuspidata veitchi

Boston Ivy Ceratiola ericoides

Southern Heather Clematis paniculata

Japanese Clematis

Coronilla cappadocica

Mediterranean Crown Vetch

Coronilla emerus Scorpion Senna

Coronilla varia European Crown Vetch

Duchesnea indica Yellow Strawberry

Iris cristata Crested Iris

Lonicera browni

Brown's Honeysuckle

Lonicera heckrotti

Purple-flowering Honeysuckle Lonicera japonica halliana

Japanese Honeysuckle

Opuntia vulgaris Barberry Fig

Saxifraga virginiensis

Early-blooming Saxifrage Shortia galaeifolia

Shortia Vinca major

Trailing Vinca Yucca filamentosa

Adam's Needle Yucca flaccida

Drooping-leaved Adam's Needle