Don't wait for rose pests - spray first.

Don't destroy toads or birds; they save you lots of trouble with insects.

Don't mix spray materials unless you are a chemist.

Don't use liquid sprays without keeping a uniform solution by means of agitating the liquid. Don't whitewash your tree trunks; bugs are not afraid of whitewash. Don't band tree trunks with anything but a preparation and at a time approved by an entomologist. Don't spray exhibition plants or flowers with a discolouring spray. Don't neglect to watch the wind when spraying; it may blow poison into someone's face and eyes or over a painted or varnished surface or scatter poison over food crops, like lettuce. Don't dust your evergreens, coniferous or broad-leaved, with lime; the result will be more serious than any disease. Don't be bashful about asking your State Experiment Station for help.