Soil should be made compact in among the roots of newly transplanted stock by watering or tamping. Tamping may be accomplished by pressing down the soil with the heel or a stick. In tamping, care should be exercised not to press too heavily immediately around the stem of the plant, as in so doing injury may be caused by the breaking of roots. Soil that can be readily packed should be used around the roots. This is necessary, as any air spaces remaining will cause drying out of roots and consequent injury to the plants.

If water is available, it is advisable to run some slowly into the holes where material is planted, either at the time of planting or immediately after planting. The best plan is to put it in when the hole is partly filled with earth around the roots. This is done further to compact the soil and to provide necessary moisture. Unless soil is particularly moist, newly transplanted stock should be watered shortly after transplanting. It is not advisable, however, to apply very much water in soils or sites extremely retentive of moisture for it is quite as easy to injure plants from over-watering as it is to preserve them by giving them just sufficient water to meet their requirements.