There are many compounds and mixtures advertised and sold for fungicides and insecticides, but those quoted will about fill the bill. And finally there is a plain pure water, properly applied. The use of the syringe or hose will save much labor and expense with insecticides if properly applied. Red spider, thrips or mealy bug should never be seen and never would be if a good gardener handled the hose.

All the patent sprayers and hose attachments are not worth one cent. The forefinger of either hand is a marvelous attachment, and can guide and divide the stream of water in any form or direction you choose. You can't talk to a fellow workman and intelligently and faithfully water a lot of plants in pots, much less syringe them. Your work needs all your thought and attention, and. I will conclude this chapter by saying that a man who chatters or smokes at his work is of little use. Work in work hours, give all your mind to your work, and when the noon and evening hour comes you will enjoy the rest far better than if you had been discussing your mother-in-law or last employer.