Blood Cling, Claret Clingstone, Red Velvet Sanguinole of Prince. Blood Peach of Winter & Co. Fruit large, oblong, of a dark violet or crimson colour; flesh blood red to the stone; highly valuable for preserves, and by some deemed preferable to the Quince. The tree is very productive.


Rodman's Red, and Red Catharine of some catalogues. Fruit large, round, variable; colour a beautiful red next the sun, marbled and dashed with darker shades; pale greenish yellow in the shade; flesh white, tinged with yellow and red; juice abundant, and of very rich and sweet flavour; tree a good bearer; its fruit ripens in September.

Congress Clingstone

Mr. Manning describes this as a fine large round Peach; skin yellowish white, marbled with red; flesh melting, juicy, rich and excellent; in September.

Early Newington, Smith's Newington, New-York Early Newington. A much esteemed fruit; its colour in the shade is white, but next the sun red; its form is globular; its flesh is juicy, rich and high flavoured. The tree is productive, and the fruit matures in August.

Heath, Heath Clingstone, Late Heath, Late October. Mr. Prince says, that the original tree of this variety was discovered growing wild on the farm of the late Judge Willet, of Flushing, and took its name from its being found in a barren field. The fruit is very large, of oval or oblong form; the skin is downy, nearly all white; the flesh is peculiarly rich and highly flavoured, tender, melting and juicy. There is another variety mentioned by Mr. Kenrick, and called by the same name, said to have been raised from a stone brought by Mr. Heath from the Mediterranean.

Hyslop's Clingstone

The trees of this variety are vigorous and productive. The fruit is large; skin a yellowish white, with red cheek; flesh melting juicy, sweet, vinous, and excellent; it ripens in October, and will keep good till November.

Incomparable, Late Admirable, Pavie Admirable

The fruit of this esteemed variety is large and roundish; the skin pale yellow colour, shaded with scarlet or deep crimson next the sun; flesh pale yellow; juice sugary and well flavoured; ripe in September.

Lemon Clingstone, Kennedy's Carolina, Pineapple Clingstone, Hoyte's Lemon Clingstone, Lemon Largest, Large Yellow Pineapple. This fruit is of large size and oval shape; yellow in the shade, but bright red next the sun; it resembles a lemon, having a nipple at the apex; some have weighed twelve ounces; its flesh is firm, and is at maturity in New - York by the end of September.

Monstrous Pavie Or Pomponne, Gros Melecoton, Gros Perseque Rouge Pavie Monstreux, Pavie Cornu. Fruit very large, roundish, with an obtuse nipple; skin downy, of a fine red and greenish white colour; flesh white, deep red at the stone, juicy and vinous, excellent for preserving; in September and Octoter.

New-York White Clingstone, Williams's New-York. New Newing-ton of some catalogues. Fruit large, round, with a pointed apex; skin white, tinged with rose; flesh yellow, melting or soft, but adhering closely to the stone; juice very plentiful, sweet, luscious, and high flavoured; ripe in September.

Old Mixon Clingstone

Of all clingstone Peaches, this is considered the most delicious; the skin is yellow, with a bright red cheek, marbled; flesh red at the stone, rich, juicy, sweet, and high flavoured; the fruit ripens gradually in September. This variety is cultivated in Massachusetts, under the above name; but Mr. Manning says that he has cultivated this fruit with the Old Newington, and the Catharine, and could never perceive any difference in the fruit or trees.

Old Newington, Newington

The fruit of this variety is large, rather globular, of a fine bright red and pale yellow colour, marbled with dashes and streaks of a deeper colour; the flesh is yellowish white, but red at the stone; also juicy, rich, sweet and well flavoured; the tree is very productive; in September.

Orange Cling, Round Alberge

A beautiful native Peach, of round shape, and bright yellow or orange colour; flesh orange colour, aromatic, rich, and juicy. The tree is a great bearer, and from the beauty of its fruit, which ripens in September, is entitled to extensive cultivation for the market.

Pavie Madeleine, Pavie Blanc, Melecoton, Myrecoton, Merlicoton, Persique a Gros-Fruit Blanc. The fruit of this variety is of medium size, somewhat broadly globular; skin pale yellowish white and marbled red; flesh yellowish white to the stone; juice sugary and of an agreeable flavour; towards the end of August and September.

Prince's Climax

Fruit very large, oval; skin yellow, mottled with crimson; flesh yellow, and of rich pineapple flavour; ripe in September, and good in October.

Selby's Cling

Fruit large, highly esteemed; skin white and red; flesh melting, juicy, and of peculiar rich flavour; ripe in September and October.

Smock's Clingstone

Fruit very large, oblong; skin yellow and red; flesh juicy, rich, a little acid; it ripens in October at Middletown, New-Jersey, and is considered one of the most productive and profitable late market fruits.

Tippecanoe Peach, Hero of Tippecanoe

This variety originated with George Thomas, of Philadelphia, and the fruit has been much admired at the Pennsylvania Horticultural exhibitions; it is of large size, of a beautiful yellow colour, with a fine red blush; flesh yellow, firm and juicy possessing an agreeable acidity; it ripens late in September. A faithful description of this fruit, accompanied by a beautiful coloured plate, taken from nature, may be seen in Hoffy's Orchardists' Companion. No. 4.