This variety took its name from the original tree, growing in a field called Bare Lands, in Herefordshire, England. The fruit is smallish, of ovate form; skin dull green, russetted with grey. It is deemed excellent for perry. Specific gravity of its juice 1070.


Fruit small globular; skin of a dingy yellowish green, tinged with red. Excellent perry is made of this variety in Herefordshire, England. Specific gravity of its juice, 1066.


There are several varieties of Pears bearing this name, but the best perry is made of the true Herefordshire Huffcap. The fruit is middle sized, of pale green colour, marked with grey russet. Specific gravity of its juice 1070.


A new Pear, considered by Mr. Knight as without a rival. The tree is of rapid growth, and an abundant bearer; fruit large, of an extraordinary musky flavour, and deemed excellent for perry; good also for the table; from October to December and January.


Fruit below the medium size, of pale green colour, with russetty spots. An excellent perry fruit. Specific gravity of its juice 1067. From this variety is made the celebrated Ledbury Perry.

Longland- Fruit very handsome, much like the Swan's Egg in shape; skin bright gold colour, tinged and mottled with a russetty lively orange; specific gravity of its juice 1063. The tree is handsome and upright, and much cultivated in Herefordshire for perry.

Teinton Squash

Fruit middle sized, of angular shape; skin a muddy russetty green, marbled with dull orange, interspersed with ash-coloured specks. It originated in Teinton, Gloucestershire, and the perry made from this fruit is of the very highest quality, something approaching in colour and briskness to champaigne, for which fine samples of it have sometimes been sold.