Breda, Abricot de Hollande, Amande Aveline, Royal Persian. Fruit medium size, of a round form, and deep yellow colour; the pulp is soft and juicy; the tree is a great bearer, and the fruit, which ripens early in August, is in great esteem.


Highly esteemed for its productiveness; fruit medium size, inclining to an oval form; of a yellow colour, and next the sun covered with numerous dark spots; the flesh is of a greenish yellow colour, of a brisk flavour, and not liable to become mealy: ripens in August.

Blotched Leaved Roman, Blotch Leaved Turkey, Variegated Turkey, Abricot Macule of the French Fruit middle size, in form slightly compressed, inclining to oval; skin dull straw colour, with orange or red spots; flesh pale straw colour, soft, dry, rather mealy; kernel rather bitter. A very hardy and productive variety; ripe towards the end of July.

Early Orange, Royal George, Royal Orange

The fruit of a medium size; of a deep yellow colour, spotted with red or dark purple next the sun; flesh deep orange, succulent, and well flavoured 5 not perfectly a free stone: ripens early in August.


Fruit middle sized, roundish, slightly compressed; of a bright yellow colour; flesh tender, juicy, with a particularly rich, delicate flavour, resembling that of the Green Gage Plum: ripe in July

Large Early Apricot, Abricot Gros Precoce, Abricot de St. Jean, Abricot de St. Jean rouge, Abricot gros d'Alexandrie. Fruit somewhat oblong; skin downy, orange, spotted with red; flesh orange, juicy, and rich, parting from the stone. This is the earliest of all apricots; in France it has ripened by midsummer day, whence its name of A. de St. Jean.

Moorpark, Anson's, Temple's, Dunmore's Breda

The tree is of vigorous growth, and extraordinarily productive; the fruit is very large; of a bright gold colour, or orange, with dark spots next the sun; flesh orange colour, melting, and excellent: ripens in August

Musch, Musch

A fine new variety from Persia; in shape round; of a deep yellow colour, and remarkable for the transparency of its pulp, through which the stone is visible; the flesh is very fine and agreeable: ripens in July.

Peach Apricot, Abricot Peche, Abricot de Nancy, Imperial Ansons. This is a first-rate fruit; form variable, generally flattened; skin slightly downy; fawn colour next the sun, tinged with reddish spots or points; pulp yellow, melting, juice abundant, high flavoured, and excellent : ripens early in August.

Purple, Alexandrian Abricot, Abricot Angoumois, Abricot Violet, Black Apricot. A small, globular, downy fruit, a little oblong; of a pale red colour, becoming deep red or purple next the sun; flesh pale red, but orange next the stone; a little acid, but good: ripens in August.

Red Masculine, Abricot Precoce, Abricot Hatif Musque, Early Masculine. This is an old and very early variety; the fruit of which is small, of a roundish form, and greenish red colour; the pulp is tender; the tree a good bearer, and the fruit esteemed for its earliness and tart taste; ripens in July.

Royal, Abricot Royale

This fruit is next in size to the Moorpark; rather oval, compressed; of dull yellow colour, slightly red; flesh palo orange, firm, juicy, sweet, and high flavoured, with a slight acid: ripens early in August.

Turkey, Large Turkey

A superior apricot; fruit of a medium size; deep yellow colour, with red blotches next the sun; form globular; flesh firm, juicy, rich, and excellent: ripe in July and August.

White Apricot, White Masculine, Abricot Blanc

Fruit, in size and figure, similar to the Red Masculine. Skin nearly white; flesh white, very delicate; juice sweet, with an agreeable peach like flavour. Ripe in July.