A middle sized, rather globular fruit, skin pale straw colour with deep red or brown next the sun; flesh pale straw, but red at the stone; juice of a rich vinous flavour; ripe early in August.

Boston, Lewis's Seedling

A fine native variety, raised by Mr. Lewis, of Boston; fruit of medium size; heart - shaped; colour bright yellow, mottled with red; flesh yellow, firm, pleasant and peculiar in flavour; ripe in September.

Elruge, Claremont, Temple's, Vermash of some collections. One of the very best and most high flavoured Nectarines; fruit medium size, of a green or pale yellow colour, with violet cheek; pulp whitish, melting, very juicy, rich and high flavoured; ripens early in August.

Fairchild's Early

Fruit very early, but small; of globular shape, yellow in the shade, deep scarlet next the sun; flesh yellow, not juicy, but well flavoured; ripe in July and August.

Perkins's Seedling

A very large beautiful Nectarine, raised by S. G. Perkins, from the Boston, Lewis's Seedling - the form is globular; colour bright yellow, with dark crimson on one side; flesh tender juicy and high flavoured; ripe in September.

Pitmaston's Orange

A good sized globular, almost heart-shaped fruit, of a rich yellow colour, but dark crimson or purple next the sun; flesh golden yellow, but red next the stone, from which it separates; it is melting juicy, saccharine and high flavoured; ripe in August


A middle sized fruit, somewhat ovate, of a beautiful scarlet colour next the sun, and pale red on the shaded side; the flesh separates from the stone, and is at maturity in August


True Vermash. This fruit is rather of small size, and roundish form, tapering towards the eye; the skin is of a very deep red colour next the sun; and of a greenish hue on the other side; flesh white, rich, melting and juicy; at maturity in August.

Violet, Violette Hative, Petite Violette Hative, Lord Selsey's Elruge, Large Scarlet. Fruit variable in size, generally medium; pale yellowish green, but darkish purple and red next the sun; flesh melting, juicy, rich and excellent; ripe in July and August.

White, or Flanders Nectarine, New White, Emerson's New White, Neale's While. A middle sized, roundish, very pale fruit, slightly tinged with red next the sun; flesh tender and juicy, with a fine vinous flavour; ripe in August