An excellent variety, originating in the city of New - York; the fruit is above medium size; skin pale yellow, with red cheek; flesh melting and pleasant flavoured; juice sweet and plentiful; ripe the latter end of August and early in September.

Beers's Red Rareripe, Middle town late Red Rareripe. Fruit very large of oblong shape; skin nearly white with a red cheek; flesh firm, juicy, and high flavoured. This variety originated with Joseph Beers, of Middletown, New Jersey; it ripens there from the middle to the end of September, and is represented as a good market fruit.

Belle de Vitry, Admirable Tardive, Bellis, Beauty of Vitry. A large fruit, of fine red colour next the sun, on the opposite side a yellowish white; flesh white, stained with red at the stone; firm, juicy, sweet, vinous and excellent; ripe early in September.

Bellegrade, Galande, Violelte Hative, Noire de Montreuil. Smooth Leaved Royal George of some. The tree is vigorous and productive; fruit above medium size, globular; skin greenish yellow, and on the sunny side rich deep red, with dark purple streaks; flesh pale yellow, very melting, saccharine and juicy; a first rate fruit, early in September.


A fine early variety, introduced by Joseph Buonaparte, and recommended by Caleb R. Smith, of Burlington, New Jersey, as being the best market fruit known at that place; its colour is red, mottled with yellow; flesh melting; juice sweet and delicious, in August.

Brevoort's Seeding Melter, Brevoort's Morris

A superior Peach, raised by Henry Brevoort, Esq., of New-York; skin of a dingy white colour, with red cheek; flesh white, firm, rich, and sugary; ripe by the middle of August.


Fruit of medium size; skin rough and thin colour dull red; flesh yellow, fibrous, similar to a pineapple, juicy and rich. It is supposed that this Peach originated with Mr. Cox. It is a singular variety.

Cooledge's Favourite, Cooledge's early Red Rareripe. A large handsome globular fruit; skin red, tinged with crimson; flesh very melting, juicy, and of delicious flavour, in August The tree is vigorous and very productive.

Crawford's Early Melocoton, Early Crawford

Fruit large, oblong; skin yellow and red; flesh yellow, juicy, sweet, with an agreeable acidity. It originated with Mr. Crawford, Middletown, New-Jersey. The tree is a great bearer, and the fruit is considered one of the most marketable varieties, in August and September.

Crawford's Late Malacatune

Fruit very large, round; skin yellow and red; flesh yellow, sweet, juicy, and excellent. It is highly estimated at Middletown for its productiveness and adaptation for market; in September and October.

Double Montagne, Sion, Eearly Double Mountain, Montauban. A beautiful and excellent Peach of middle size; skin greenish white, but soft red, marbled with a deeper red next the sun; flesh white and melting juice plentiful and highly flavoured ripe in August.

Early Orange, Orange Freestone, Yellow Rareripe, Yellow Malacaton, Golden Rareripe, Early Yellow. Fruit under a medium size, inclining to the oval shape, apex full, with a small tip; skin greenish yellow; flesh a fine yellow; juice rich and sweet, but not plentiful; ripe in August and September. There are several varieties under the same name, some of which are inferior to the true Orange Peach.