Continued from page 110, Part III.

Baltimore Beauty

A native variety. Fruit rather small, roundish oval; skin deep orange, with a rich brilliant red cheek; flesh yellow, but red at the stone, sweet, and very good. Ripens early in August.

Bergen's Yellow

A native of Long Island. Fruit large, often measuring nine inches in circumference; skin deep orange, with dark red cheek; flesh deep yellow, melting, juicy, and delicious. Ripens early in September.

Coles Early Red

A good early market fruit of medium size; sign pale red, mottled with darker red; flesh melting, juicy, rich, and very sprightly.

Druid Hill

A seedling peach, raised by Lloyd N. Rogers, of Druid Hill, near Baltimore. Fruit very large, roundish; skin greenish white, clouded with red; flesh juicy, melting, and rich: towards the end of September.

Early York, Large Early York

Fruit of medium size, roundish; skin pale red, dotted and mottled with dark red; flesh greenish white, full of rich sprightly juice. Ripens towards the end of August.

Early Newington Freestone, Newington Peach

A large and exceedingly high-flavoured peach; skin pale yellowish white, dotted and mottled with a rich red; flesh white, but red at the stone; juicy and melting: end of August.

Haines' Early Red

A popular orchard fruit in New Jersey, of medium size; skin pale white, nearly covered with bright red; flesh greenish white, very juicy, sweet, and melting. Ripe about the middle of August.

La Grange

A late peach, raised by Mr. John Hulse, Burlington, N. J. Fruit large, oblong; skin greenish white, tinged with red; flesh juicy, melting, and delicious. Ripe towards the end of September.

Oldmixon Freestone, Oldmixon Clearstone

A large American peach, slightly oval; skin pale yellowish white, marbled with deep red; flesh white, and tender, with a rich vinous flavour: early in September.

Pool's Large Yellow, Pool's Late Yellow Freestone. A large and handsome Pennsylvania peach of the Melocoton family; skin deep yellow, with a dark red cheek; flesh juicy, and of excellent flavour: late in September.

Rareripe, Late Red, Prince's Red Rareripe

One of the finest of all peaches. Fruit large and heavy, roundish oval; skin downy, pale yellow, thickly marbled with red and fawn coloured specks; flesh white, but deep red at the stone; very juicy, melting, and of an unusually rich flavour. Ripe the second and third week in September.