Ah Mow Dieu

A beautiful Pear, introduced by J. B. Mantel, of Bloomingdale, New-York. It is depicted in 'Hoffy's Orchardists' Companion, by a handsome coloured plate, accompanied by the following description: Size medium; form handsome; colour rich yellow, with bright red cheek; flesh juicy; flavour sweet and perfumed. Tree vigorous and productive, the fruit growing in clusters of four or five together.

Amire Joannet, Early Sugar

This fruit is described by Mr. Manning as small, of oblong form; light yellow skin, with a small portion of red; flesh white, and when not overripe juicy and good. It ripens in July, about ten days before the Petit Muscat, to which it is superior in flavour.

Belle de Bruxelles, Beauty of Brussels, Cours Complet. A large early Pear of pyramidal form; skin a beautiful clear yellow, with red cheek; flesh white, fine, and of an agreeable flavour; ripe early in August.

Beurre d'Amanlis

A fine early Pear, imported from France by J. B. Mantel, of Bloomingdale, New-York; and described as follows, in 'Hoffy's Orchardists' Companion:' Size large; form large bellied; colour green, changing to yellow, with a fine blush when fully ripe, and russet spots; flesh melting, juicy, sweet and excellent; ripe in August and September. Tree vigorous and productive.

Bloodgood Pear, Early B'urre

Fruit large; form nearly oval; skin a dull yellow, covered with dark russet spots; flesh tender, melting, and pleasant. Mr. Manning says, "It comes early into bearing and produces abundant crops every year; in August."

Crawford, Early Crawford

A fine early Scotch Pear, of medium size, round at the eye, diminishing at the stem; the skin is entirely of a light yellow; the flesh juicy, tender, and good. Mr. Manning says that the tree comes into bearing young, and ripens its fruit in August.

Dearborn's Seedling

This variety originated in the garden of the Hon. H. A. S. Dearborn, of Roxbury. The tree is of vigorous growth; fruit of medium size, rounded at the crown, and regularly diminishes in a parabolic manner to the stalk; the skin is smooth, thin, green, with russet spots; at maturity it turns to a delicate yellow; flesh very melting, and of the finest flavour; in August.

Early Rousselet, Rousselet hatif, Early Catharine. This is a small Pear, with a long curved neck; skin yellow, with brownish russet; flesh very fine, rich, and high flavoured; in August and September. The tree yields immense crops.

Honey Pear, American Honey

This Pear in size and shape resembles the Seckle; the skin is yellow, with a large portion of dull red; the flesh sweet, juicy and good. Mr. Manning says the tree bears young, and bids fair to be very prolific.

Jargonelle, English, Beau Present, Saint Sampson, Grosse Cuisse Madame, Saint Lambert, Poire des Tables des Princes. Fruit rather large, oblong, of a pale green colour a little marked with red; flesh melting, juicy, with a slightly acid, rich and agreeable flavour. It ripens early in August, is one of the most productive of all Pears, and the very best in its season.

Julienne of Coxe, L' Archiduc d'Ete, Summer Beurre, Summer Doyenne, Summer St. Michael, of Boston. Bloodgood Pear of some col-lections. Fruit medium size, smooth, bright yellow at maturity, with a faint blush next the sun; form rather ovate, tapering toward the stalk; flesh perfectly melting, rich, and juicy. The tree bears young, and most profusely, and matures its fruit in August and September.