A native apple of large size, and oblong shape; the skin a light greenish yellow, striped with bright red; flesh yellow, light, high flavoured and excellent. Mr. Manning considered this as one of the finest fruits that New England ever produced. It ripens in November, and will keep till after Christmas.

Monstrous Pippin, Baltimore, Gloria Mundi, Ox Apple. Fruit of enormous size, often weighing twenty-five ounces or more; of a pale yellowish green and blush colour, with white spots; and of a sprightly flavour; ex cellent for cooking: ripens in October, and continues fit for use till January


This apple in appearance resembles the Blue Pearmain; the shape is more oblong, the size not so large; the skin pale red, streaked or blotched with darker red, and covered with blue bloom; flesh white, tender, and good. Raised from seed by Mr. Murphy, and introduced to notice by Mr. Manning.

Newtown Pippin, American Newtown Pippin, Yellow Newtown Pippin. This variety, when perfectly matured, is considered by some the finest apple in our country; its skin is green, changing to an olive yellow at maturity, having a thin russet covering the greatest part of the base; flesh pale yellow and firm; juice saccharine, and possessing a rich and highly aromatic flavour: from December to April.

Newtown Spitzenburg, Matchless

A beautiful apple of medium size; skin streaked, and tinged with red and yellow; flesh yellow, rich, and highly flavoured: from October till February.

Norfolk Beaufin

Fruit middling size flattish, of a deep red and pale green colour; the flesh is firm and savoury; the tree hardy, upright, and a good bearer; fruit excellent for use in the kitchen, and highly esteemed for the dessert. It ripens in November, and is frequently to be obtained in England in July following.

Ortley Pippin, Ortley Apple, Vandyne, Woolman's Long of Prince. A fruit very much resembling the Yellow Newtown Pippin, but a little more oval; skin olive yellow at maturity, partially covered with pink and russet; flesh yellow, crisp, and breaking; very juicy, with the same pine-apple flavour which distinguishes the Newtown Pippin: good from November to April.

Pennock's Red Winter, Pelican

Fruit very large and compressed; of deep red colour, streaked with yellow; flesh tender juicy, and of a sweet and pleasant flavour: ripens in November, and will keep good till March. It is a very popular apple in the Philadelphia markets

Pumpkin Sweet, Ramsdel'sRed Pumpkin Sweet

A beautiful fruit, over medium size, round, inclined to oblong; of a dark red colour, covered with dense blue bloom; flesh tender, rich, and sweet. It ripens in November, and keeps till January. The trees bear prodigious crops.

Rhode Island Greening

Fruit large and depressed; skin at maturity greenish yellow; flesh slightly acid, and of the finest flavour: ripens in November, and continues till April. A most estimable apple for cooking as well as for the dessert.

Ribstone Pippin, Formosa Pippin, Traver's Apple, Glory of York. Fruit of medium size, roundish, and partially depressed; of a pale yellow colour, tinged with red; pulp slightly acid, and of fine, flavour: ripens in November, and continues till April. It is one of the most popular dessert apples in England.

Roxbury Russet, Boston Russet, Pineapple Russet. This variety is cultivated extensively in Massachusetts for the Boston markets, and for exportation. The fruit is of medium size; of a fine yellow russet colour, mixed with dull red; flesh white, juicy, rich, sub-acid, and excellent; for use in winter, and will keep till June.