Russian Varieties Of Apricots are valuable acquisitions and are quite distinct from the European varieties. Their leading characteristics, are extreme hardiness, early bearing, productiveness, and freedom from disease.

The following are the best that have been thoroughly tested:

* Alexander

-- An immense bearer. Fruit yellow, flecked with red; very beautiful. Ripens in July.

* Alexis

-- An abundant bearer; yellow, with red cheek; slightly acid. Ripens in July.

* Catherine

-- Vigorous and productive. Medium sized, yellow, mild, sub-acid. Ripens middle of July.

* Gibb

-- Tree grows symmetrical; productive. Fruit medium, yellowish, sub-acid; the best early variety, ripening soon after strawberries. About July 1.

* J. L. Bud

-- Tree a strong grower and profuse bearer. Fruit white with red cheek; sweet; the best late variety. Ripens in August.