The following are the principal sections, with a selection of good garden varieties in each: -


Alpha, white, flaked purple.

Amos Perry, crimson.

Aunt Chloe, dark purple.

Britannia, salmon.

Effective, fawn.

Ella Kraemar, rose carmine.

Etna, carmine, shaded lilac.

Floradora, wine crimson.

Florence M. Stredwick, white.

J. B. Riding, orange.

J. H. Jackson, maroon.

Lord Roberts, white.

Mary Service, heliotrope, shaded pink.

Mrs. Carter Page, crimson.

Mrs. Edward Mawley, yellow.

Mrs. H. L. Brousson, salmon.

Mrs. J. J. Crowe, canary.

Mrs. Winstanley, vermilion.

Rainbow, light pink.

Ringdove, fawn pink.

W. F. Balding, yellow, shaded salmon.


Bacchus, crimson.

Buttercup, yellow.

Daisy, amber.

Guiding Star, white.

Jessica, amber, red edge.

Nerissa, rose.

Phoebe, orange, suffused yellow.

Sunny Daybreak, apricot.

Tommy Keith, red, white tips.


Aurora, yellow, orange suffusion.

Beauty's Eye, mauve, crimson ring.

Columbine, rose, orange shading.

Demon, maroon.

Girlie, cream, red edge.

Leslie Seale, lilac, crimson disc.

Miss Roberts, yellow.

Polly Eccles, fawn, red disc.

Victoria, white, red margin.


Colonist, chocolate.

Crimson King, crimson.

Ethel Britton, white and purple.

John Walker, white.

J. T. West, yellow, edged purple.

Mrs. Gladstone, blush.

Mrs. Langtry, cream and crimson.

Perfection, orange.

R. T. Rawlings, yellow.

Victor, maroon.

Wm. Powell, primrose.

Wm. Rawlings, purplish crimson.


Comedian, orange and crimson.

Dorothy, fawn and maroon.

Gaiety, yellow, red, and white.

Matthew Campbell, buff and crimson.

Mrs. Saunders, yellow and white.

Peacock, maroon and white.