Amoena. - A spring bloomer, 1 foot high, blue. See separate list of varieties.

aphylla. - A charming species, lilac, with white beard, growing about i foot high, and flowering in May. A separate list of varieties is given.

aurea. - 3 to 4 feet high, yellow.

biflora. - An April bloomer, violet or purple, with yellow beard. This is sometimes grown under the name of fragrans.

cristata. - A charming species, but not quite hardy. It bears lilac and yellow flowers in April and May, only 5 inches above the ground. It is the same as Japonica.

flavescens. - A May bloomer, yellow flowered, growing 2 feet or more high.

Florentina. - White, a spring bloomer, 2 to 3 feet high. This yields the Orris Root. There is a nice white variety called albicans.

foetidissima. - The Stinking Gladwin, a British plant, often conspicuous owing to its orange seeds.

Germanica. - A separate list of varieties is given.

laevigata. - A separate list of varieties is given.

neglecta. - Lilac, with yellow beard, flowering in June, and growing about 2 feet high; there are several desirable varieties, of which a short list is given.

pallida. - A splendid plant, 3 feet high, with pale lilac flowers. pumila. - A dwarf Iris, growing about 8 inches high, flowering in spring, colour lilac and purple, with white beard.

Sibirica. - Blue, to 3 feet high, and flowering in late spring. The white variety alba is a desirable plant.

squalens. - The Elder-scented Iris, 2 to 3 feet high, flowering in June,-lilac and yellow. A separate selection of varieties is given.

Unguicularis (stylosa). - A charming winter-flowering Iris, colour lilac, height 1 1/2 to 2 feet. The white variety is also a pretty plant.

variegata. - A May bloomer, claret and yellow, height 12 to 18 inches. A separate selection of varieties is given.

Good Varieties of Amoena

Calypso, white, blue veins.

Duc de Nemours, purple, white edge.

Mrs. H. Darwin, white, veined purple.

Good Varieties of Aphylla

Bridesmaid, lavender.

Gazelle, white, lilac, and blue.

Madame Chereau, blue and white.

Good Varieties of Germanica

alba, white.

Kharput, blue and violet.

Purple King, purple.

Good Varieties of Neglecta

Cordelia, lilac and crimson.

Fairy Queen, lavender, violet veins.

Hannibal, lavender and purple.

Good Varieties of Pallida

Celeste, blue.

Garibaldi, rose and lilac.

Madame Pacquitte, claret.

Good Varieties of Squalens

Harrison Weir, bronzy brown and crimson.

Lord Grey, fawn.

Mozart, bronzy yellow, white veins.

Good Varieties of Laevigata

Jokai, crimson.

Kumagai, white.

Nagato, lilac blue.

Tanga, deep blue.

Yamagata, white, violet veins.

Good Varieties of Variegata

alba, white.

Chénédolé, yellow and white.

Darius, yellow, brown veins.

The Above Are Bearded;

The Following Are Pretty Beardless Irises: -

aurea Laucheana, golden yellow.

Hartwegi, 1 ft. high, May bloomer, yellow.

Monnieri, yellow. Monspur, blue, with yellow spots.

spuria A. W. Tait, blue.

A Selection of Cushion Irises.

Bismarckiana, 9 inches high, blue and yellow.

Gatesii, 2 1/2 inches high, creamy white with grey spots.

Iberica, 6 to 9 inches high, lilac, white and purple.

Korolkowii, 1 foot high, white, veined with brownish red.

Lortetii, 1 foot high, cream, rose veins.

nigricans, purple, black and crimson.

Paradoxa, white, veined blue.

Sofarana magnifica, grey, purple crest.

Susiana, black and brown, lilac spots.

Tubergeniana, metallic green and blue.

Urmiensis, primrose and yellow, fragrant.

Species and Varieties of Bulbous Irises

alata, an autumn bloomer, lilac and purple, spotted yellow. A pretty Iris, with several varieties.

Bakeriana, 6 inches high, a winter bloomer, white, violet and blue, scented.

Danfordiae, 6 inches high, a winter bloomer, yellow, with brown spots.

Histrio, 1 foot high, a winter bloomer, lilac.

orchioides, 9 inches high, flowers in April, yellow.

Persica, 3 to 4 inches high, a winter bloomer, yellow and lilac. The variety Heldreichii is lavender and violet, veined white, and with yellow crest.

reticulata, 6 to 9 inches high, a winter bloomer, violet, with lilac crest. Fragrant. Krelagei and histrioides are charming varieties.

Rosenbachiana, March, yellow, orange and purple.

Xiphioides, English Iris. See separate list of varieties.

Xiphium, Spanish Iris. See separate list of varieties.

A Selection of English Irises.

Clara Butt, China white.

Emperor, grey, blue spots.

Lord Palmerston, black, crimson, and purple.

Mont Blanc, white.

Rosa Bonheur, white, flaked crimson.

Vainqueur, lavender, violet spots.

All grow about 2 feet high.

A Selection of Spanish Irises.

Avalanche, white, yellow spots.

California, yellow, orange spots.

Catherina, blue, white, and orange.

Golden King, yellow.

Snowball, white, yellow spots.

Thunderbolt, purple, orange blotches.

All grow about 18 inches high.