The letter (P) attached to a name in the list below indicates a peat lover, and (L) a loam lover.

A Selection of the Best Lilies

auratum (L. and P.). - The varieties platyphyllum, rubro vittatum, virginale, and Wittei are all valuable. Rubro vittatum has a broad, reddish band down the centre of the petals. The last two are pale forms of great beauty.

Brownii (L.). - A good summer Lily, whitish brown in colour and averaging 4 feet high. Chloraster is a pretty variety. Leucanthum comes very close to Brownii, and is often classed as a variety of it.

candidum. - Giganteum is a good variety of this old favourite.

Chalcedonicum. - A brilliant summer Lily, growing about 3 feet high. Heldreichii is a notable variety.

elegans (Thunbergianum). - A very useful Lily, and parent of some valuable varieties, such as atrosanguineum, red; Batemanii, apricot; and Orange Queen, orange red.

giganteum (L.). - A magnificent white July flowering species, which may grow 10 or 12 feet high.

longiflorum. - A good dwarf, white Lily, mostly grown in pots, with its variety Harrisii.

Lilium Longiflorum And Tuberoses In Mixture.

Fig. Lilium Longiflorum And Tuberoses In Mixture.

Martagon (Turk's Cap). - Grows about 3 feet high. A summer bloomer. The varieties album, white; and Dalmaticum, purple, are good.

speciosum (lancifolium). - White, with spots. The varieties album Kraetzeri, Melpomene, roseum, and rubrum are all more popular as pot than as garden plants.

umbellatum, red, about feet high, an early bloomer, a good Lily. Erectum and Cloth of Gold are two charming varieties of it.

In addition to the above Canadense (P), Henryi, Humboldtii (L), Monadelphum (L), Nepalense (tender), pardalinum (P) (particularly the variety Bourgaei), rubellum (L), sulphureum (tender), testaceum, and tigrinum (notably the varieties Fortunei and splendens) are worth adding if room can be found. A very complete collection might include, in addition to the preceding and the hybrids named below, Catesbaei, Neilgherrense (tender), pomponium, Pyrenaicum, super-bum, and Washingtonianum.

Good Hybrid Liliums

Burbankii. - Apricot, flowers in summer, about 4 feet high.

Dalhansoni. - Dark purple, about 5 feet high.

Kewense. - White and buff, a cross between Henryi and Brownii Chloraster, a very pretty Lily, well adapted for pot culture.

Markan. - Orange red with brown spots, very tall.

If the disease should show itself in candidum it will be wise to lift the bulbs when growth has died away, and put them in a bag containing flowers of sulphur for a few days, also working some of the sulphur into the scales. The disease often spreads swiftly, and does great damage. The auratum disease also works great mischief, particularly amongst imported bulbs. Mr. George Massee, the eminent fungologist, recommends that kainit should be mixed with the soil. Six ounces per square yard might be used, preferably in autumn, and lightly pointed in.