The following are selections of the various classes of Tulips: -

Early Dutch Tulips. - Single

* Artus, scarlet.

Chrysolora, yellow.

* Cottage Maid, pink and white.

Crimson King, crimson.

Due Van Thol, different colours, such as red and yellow, scarlet, yellow, and white.

* Joost Van Vondel, crimson and white.

* Keizer's Kroon, scarlet and yellow.

Ophir d'Or, yellow.

Proserpine, rose.

*Thomas Moore, orange.

Vermilion Brilliant, scarlet.

* White Swan, white.

White Van Vondel, white.

Wouverman, claret.

* Yellow Prince, yellow.

All the foregoing are suitable for bedding except the Due van Thols, which are better suited for pots. The best bedders are marked with an asterisk.

Early Dutch Tulips. - Double

Imperator Rubrorum, crimson.

La Candeur, white.

Mariage de ma Fille, white, striped crimson.

Rose Blanche, white.

Salvator Rosa, rose.

Tournesol, red and yellow.

Tournesol, yellow.

Yellow Rose, yellow, very sweet.

May Bloomer Tulips

Bartigon, fiery red.

Bouton d'Or, golden yellow.

Bridesmaid, rose and white.

Buenoventura,orange, striped gold.

Clara Butt, salmon rose.

Dainty Maid, white and lilac.

Delia, carmine.

Faerie Queen, heliotrope and yellow.

Gala Beauty, scarlet and yellow.

Golden Crown, yellow, edged crimson.

Inglescombe Pink, pink, shaded salmon.

La Candeur, white.

Leghorn Bonnet, pale yellow.

Minister Roell, poppy red.

Mrs. Moon, deep yellow.

Orange King, orange.

Othello, crimson.

Picotee, white, edged rose.

Royal White, cream.

The Fawn, rosy fawn.

Tulip Species and Their Varieties

Billietiana, yellow.

Billietiana Sunset, red and yellow.

Gesneriana spathulata, crimson scarlet.

Gesneriana lutea, yellow.

Greigi, dazzling scarlet.

Greigi aurea, yellow.

Leichtlinii, pink and white.

Macrospeila, crimson, black blotch.

Retroflexa, yellow.

Sylvestris, yellow.

Vitellina, pale yellow.

Parrot Tulips

Markgraaf, yellow, green, and scarlet.

Perfecta, red and yellow.