The following table shows the number of acres of land received by each state from the Land-Grant Act of 1862, the date of establishment of the institution that cares for the agricultural work, and the date at which instruction in agriculture was begun: —

The experiment station is connected with the college, except in: Ohio, at Wooster; Georgia, at Experiment (dept. of the college at Athens); Conn. Experiment Station at New Haven, and Storrs Station at the college; New York, the State Station at Geneva, but the federal station at the college. 2o

Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations in t 223Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations in t 224

Forestry Schools in the United States, 1911-12

Many institutions give courses in forestry. Following are those that have separate schools, faculties, or comparable organizations, or that have four-year courses; there are many other American institutions giving more or less instruction in forestry.

Graduate schools

Yale University, New Haven, Conn., Yale Forest School (founded in 1900).

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., Course of Forestry (founded in 1901).

Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., Division of Forestry, School of Applied Science.