Liquid glue.

1.  Dissolve 2 pounds of best pale glue in a quart of water in a covered vessel, placed in a hot-water bath; when cold, add to it 7 ounces of commercial nitric acid. When cold put in bottles.

2.  Finest pale orange shellac, broken small, 4 ounces ; methylated spirit, 3 ounces ; put in a warm place in a closely corked bottle until dissolved. Should have the consistency of molasses. Or, borax, 1 ounce ; water, 3/4 pint ; shellac as before ; boil in a closely covered kettle until dissolved ; then evaporate until nearly as thick as molasses.

Flower gum.

3.  Very fine white shellac mixed with methylated spirit in a stone jar ; shake well for half an hour and place by a fire, and shake it frequently the first day. Keep in a cool place. Leave the camel's-hair brush in the gum. Never fill the brush too full and gum the petals close to the tube.

Gum for labels and specimens.

4.  Two parts of gum-arabic, one part of brown sugar ; dissolve in water to the consistency of cream.

5.  Five parts of best glue soaked in 18 to 20 parts of water for a day, and to the liquid add 9 parts of rock candy and 3 parts of gum-arabic.

6.  Good flour and glue, to which add linseed oil, varnish, and turpentine, 1/2 ounce each to the pound. Good when labels are liable to get damp.